Traveling to Ireland? Here are the best cities to visit
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Ireland, with its capital Dublin, is a country full of things to see and do; if you are planning a trip to this green island you can’t miss our list of best cities to visit in Ireland!

You can organize a tour of best cities in Ireland either using the car, to rent on site and remembering that the driving is on the left so you’ll need some practice at the beginning, or getting married with public transport: buses and trains allow you to reach almost all the best destinations we have included in our best cities to visit in Ireland chart. If you’re travelling to Ireland by car, don’t forget to take a ride on the legendary Ring of Kerry, a road that crosses the whole county of Kerry and allows you to appreciate the wonderful and unique Irish panorama.


The capital of the Republic of Ireland is the main city in terms of tourism, economy and culture. Dublin is a city of indescribable charm, where you can retrace almost 2000 years of history and follow in the footsteps of Ireland’s greatest artists and writers, such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and William Butler Yeats. Not to be missed in the city: Trinity College, Dublin Castle, St. Patrick Cathedral, the National Museum of Ireland and, of course, the Guinness World Heritage Museum.


Ireland’s youngest and liveliest city to visit, where among pubs, clubs and traditional Irish music festivals, you can find the funniest atmosphere on the island. If the fun in the city is not enough then the county of the same name that surrounds the city offers the possibility of unforgettable adventures in the spectacular nature area of Connemara.

Causeway Coast

Traveling to Ireland you will see a natural wonder located in Northern Ireland, where you can visit the spectacular Giant Causeway, a basalt rock formation formed by over 40,000 hexagonal columns. Over the centuries, this incredible structure has generated legends and fantastic stories about its origin, involving giants and mythological creatures, and although it is the result of a very natural volcanic eruption, the beauty and magic that this place evokes are indescribable in words.


A small fishing village in County Kerry in the South of the country, where you can experience the most authentic Ireland made of smoky pubs and stories of sailors just landed on land. It’s worth exploring both the town and the beautiful surrounding peninsula, where between rolling green hills – in Ireland there are 40 shades of green – and ruins of ancient castles you’ll be enchanted by the magic of this land.


If you are also curious to visit Northern Ireland, the only region of the island still belonging to the United Kingdom, a visit to Belfast is a must. This is another city that has played a crucial role in Ireland’s history. The harbour is where the Titanic was built and where it sailed from for its first voyage.

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At the Titanic Museum you can see the shipyards where it was built and learn more about the tragedy that followed. The town hall, on the other hand, is a great place to start a walking tour of the city centre to see some of the other attractions scattered around this fascinating metropolis.


On the Heaven Coast, it is Ireland’s second largest and most important city to visit, one of the most renowned centres for gastronomic production and the quality of traditional cuisine. In addition to the art galleries and museums, the English Market is worth a visit, which every day brings the best of the typical products of the Irish countryside to the counters of the city. Near the city you can also visit the Michael Collins Center, dedicated to one of the founding fathers of the Republic and independent Ireland.

Skellig Island

Two incredible islands off the south coast, one (Little Skellig) a true naturalistic sanctuary and the other (Skellig Michael) a magical place where on the top of a mountain covered with greenery are the enchanted remains of a 6th century monastery. A place so full of magic that it was used as the setting for the shooting of the new Star Wars films.

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Rock of Chasel

The ruins of a mighty fortress in the county of Tipperary which in the past, for more than a thousand years, was the centre of power of kings, princes and bishops. Today Rock of Chasel amazes visitors with its incredible appearance and the structures with collapsed roofs that let you admire the sky in the center of the halls. Inside the complex there is also a beautiful Gothic cathedral and the oldest Romanesque church in Ireland, decorated with beautiful frescoes.

Malin Beg

A small village located a stone’s throw from the ocean, Malin Beg is home to the Silver Strand beach. A horseshoe-shaped bay protects the white sandy beach and is filled with spectacular blue water. The lawn, the sand and the sea make up a magnificent picture.

Brù na Boinne

A megalithic structure from the Neolithic era located in County Meath, home to the largest and best preserved prehistoric necropolis in all of Ireland. At the top of the hill of Brù na Boinne lies the mysterious structure of Newgrange, perfectly aligned with the sun rising in the winter solstice. The site currently houses a state-of-the-art educational centre that allows visitors to discover the secrets of this fascinating and magical place.

Ring of Kerry

This is Ireland’s most famous scenic route, located in the southern part of County Kerry, where among emerald green meadows, rolling hills, dry stone walls and small oak forests there is more than one traveller who would swear that he saw a hareman laughing away.

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A megalithic site which holds the record of being the oldest human structure in Ireland, dating back almost 6000 years, and which still infuses a great mystical suggestion. Its dolmens and stones raised into the ground in a vertical position offer the possibility to literally walk through the deepest history of the island.

Cliffs of Moher

Definitely one of the most iconic and spectacular places to visit traveling to Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are absolutely a place to visit. The breathtaking views are truly breathtaking. The cliffs are 200 metres high and extend for 8 km. The promenade offers ever-changing views of the ocean and the rock. Take a deep breath and let your gaze run free.

Donegal coast

Ireland’s northernmost tip, a region where jagged cliffs plunge into ocean waters in a maze of inlets and ravines. One of the most beautiful views ever are the headlands that look out over the ocean like emerald platforms dotted with grazing white sheep.


The capital city of the county of the same name, famous throughout the world for the production of the exquisite Kilkenny beer, the wonderful medieval castle and the workshops that produce wool, leather and wooden artefacts of fine workmanship.

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Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle is located southeast of the island and is one of the oldest castles in the country, famous above all for its immense and well-kept park. It overlooks the river Nore. It was built in the 12th century and continued to be inhabited until 1935. A few years later it was purchased by the Irish government for the symbolic sum of 50 Irish pounds.

Killarney National Park

Are you a nature lover or traveling in Ireland with children? Killarney National Park is a destination you can’t miss on your trip to Ireland! Inside it, in addition to the lake of the same name; there are also the Torc Falls, 20 meters high; the Ross Castle, dating back to the 15th century; the Dungloe Gorge, from which you can admire beautiful views. Are you lazy to walk? You can also visit the park by carriage!

The places of the Iron Throne

A new kind of tourism was born after the success of the fantasy TV series, as many scenes were shot in Ireland. The places not to be missed are definitely the tree-lined trail of The Dark Hedges, the forest of Tollymore and Mount Binevenagh.

The Dark Hedges

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you can’t miss this place, setting of some scenes from the famous TV series. But even if you’re not a fan of the series, this place can’t leave you indifferent. Also in Northern Ireland, this long, tree-lined tunnel creates a fantastic atmosphere where you can let your imagination run wild. Get involved.


Limerick is a beautiful town in the west of the country that could not be missing from the list of 10 things to see in Ireland because it is home to King’s John’s Castle on the banks of the River Shannon: it is an imposing building built in the early 1200s. Not far from the town is Lough Gur, around which many prehistoric finds have been made, and the picturesque village of Adare, where there are still many thatched cottages.

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Mount Errigal

Ireland is certainly not famous for its mountains, on the contrary. A view like this is definitely unusual for the island. And yet, Mount Errigal is the second highest mountain in the country. If you’re a mountain enthusiast or just want to enjoy a slightly different view, this is where you should go.


The city of Waterford, in the south of the country, has become one of the 10 things to see in Ireland, not only because of its charm, but also because it houses the Waterford Crystal Workshop and Showroom, a laboratory active since 1700. You can discover how crystal is created, how it is worked and what objects can be created… and of course you can go shopping in the showroom which displays many unique and designer pieces.

Dunmore Cave

Not far from Kilkenny we find Dunmore Cave, a truly spectacular complex of caves and caverns. Inside them is also the Market Cross, which is considered the highest stalagmite in Europe; you can visit Dunmore Cave all year round, but only with a guide. If you are in this area in summer, remember that the temperature inside is between 7 and 12 degrees Celsius, so you may need something to cover yourself even if it is hot outside.

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Sligo Abbey

This 1200 building is located in the town of Sligo in the north of Ireland. It is a very fascinating place not only for its partly Gothic and partly Renaissance architecture, but also for the particular atmosphere that you can breathe: inside the 15th century cloister and some tombs of the Dominican monks who lived there have remained intact.

Aran Islands

The last stop on our list of 10 things to see in Ireland is the Aran Islands archipelago to the west of the country. It is a unique place in the world where Gaelic customs and traditions still survive. They can be reached by sea, by ferry from Rossaveal or Doolin; or by plane from Inverin.

The Aran Islands are also famous for the production of handmade wool sweaters, made from the wool of the sheep living on the island: each sweater has a particular design that corresponds to the wearer’s profession.

Slieve League

Ireland is home to the largest cliffs in Europe, and not the Cliffs of Moher. Located in County Donegal, Slieve League is a magnificent place. This mountain, located along the Atlantic coast, climbs 600 metres above the ocean. The altitude offers endless views over the water and back again through the Irish countryside. A small network of trails allows you to explore and find your perfect place to breathe in the enormous dimensions of the landscape.

Giants Causeway Another famous place to visit in Ireland is the Giants Causeway. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Giants Causeway is an incredible spectacle of nature in Northern Ireland. Thousands of stone columns were formed when lava met the sea some 60 million years ago, leaving the causeway that amazes us today.

The strange formation of columns seems too perfect to have been created naturally. Although the causeway draws most attention to the site, the cliffs and coastline here also deserve a little more time to enjoy the place to the fullest.