What is the best time to travel to Cancun in 2023?
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If budget is not a problem, the best time to visit Cancun is from December to April. Find out in this article when it rains in Cancun, when it is cheaper and which season suits you best to visit this city of Quintana Roo.

Located in the north of the Riviera Maya, Cancun enjoys a tropical climate, with two main seasons per year: a very hot and rainy one that goes from May to October, the other cooler and drier that includes the period from November to April. Even during this season, which is the ideal one to visit the city, it is possible that rain arrives, accompanied by clouds and wind, especially between December and January. In general, however, rainfall, which amounts to over 1,300 mm per year, is accentuated between June and October, with a maximum peak in September and minimum in March and April (with only 3 days of rain).

Average temperatures in the popular resort town of southern Mexico, however, are idyllic all year round, with the mercury fluctuating between 24° C in January and 29° C in June and August, and lows that even during the winter hardly fall below 19° C. The sea in Cancun is also always warm, with lows of 26° C in January and highs of nearly 30° C between July and October. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your best backpack with lots of pockets and be ready for your next adventure! To find out more about Cancun’s climate, read on for our travel guide.

What is the best time of the year to travel to Cancun?

Cancun ocean

If you prefer the cooler or less hot season, the best time to visit Cancun is between December and April, because the temperature averages between 23 and 26 °C, period with just 55 mm of rain per month, so there is less humidity.

If your priority is not the weather but to spend as little as possible, the best time to visit Cancun is the low season, particularly in September and October, the rainiest months.

When is the rainy season in Cancun?

Cancun has 3 rainy months: June, September and October. In this quarter almost half of the year’s rainfall occurs, with a monthly average of 166 mm/m2.

In the rest of the calendar the average monthly rainfall varies between 29 mm/m2 (March, the driest month) and 80 mm/m2 (May).

What is the cheapest month to travel to Cancun?

September and October are the rainiest and most humid months to visit Cancun, so the demand for travel, tickets and hotel rates go down.

These months are within the Atlantic hurricane season, which scares people away from traveling to coastal tourist destinations.

When does the high season start in Cancun?

The peak season in Cancun begins at the end of November when foreign tourists, especially from the United States, Canada and Europe, travel in search of warmer climates due to the arrival of winter.

This season extends until January, being the best time to go to Cancun city because the weather is milder and there is little rain.

There are 2 seasons that follow in “high season” mainly dictated by domestic tourism: Easter and summer vacation (late June to mid-August).

When does the high season start in Cancun hotels?

Cancun, Mexico

The winter high season begins at the end of November when international tourists start arriving. The Mexican summer vacation season starts in the last week of June.

What is the lowest season to go to Cancun?

September – October is the wettest and rainiest season. It is in the hurricane period, although the probability of a hurricane is low, so it is not the best time to go to Cancun.

From February until before the end of the summer vacations there are also two low seasons in Cancun. During these periods you can also get free nights of lodging with breakfast included and other offers. In addition, the beaches and other places of interest are less congested.

What is the worst month to visit Cancun?

October is the rainiest and wettest month of the year to visit Cancun and is part of the quarter with the highest probability of hurricanes.

When is the low season for travel to Cancun?

The lowest is September – October, the best time for people who want to take a cheaper vacation when traveling to Cancun.

What months are low season in Cancun?

Another relatively low season in Cancun is between February and the beginning of Easter, excluding Carnival. During this period the international tourism wave of December – January has given way to quieter days. The next big swell will be during the national holiday in the main week.

What is the best time of the year to visit Cancun?

Cancun beach

December and January are excellent months to visit Cancun because the weather is pleasant during the day and cool at night. Also, it hardly ever rains and if it does rain, the weather usually improves quickly.

These months are also Cancun’s high season and the period of higher prices and more visitors to the beaches and other places of interest.

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What are the best times to visit Cancun?

Christmas and New Year’s are great dates to travel to Cancun because besides the joy of the holidays, the weather is the most pleasant of the year. They are also more expensive due to the huge influx of foreign tourists.

Carnival and Easter are other seasons with good weather and very little rain, with a very good influx of domestic tourists.

What are the best months to travel to Cancun?

The best months to go to Cancun are December and January because of the pleasant weather, a season that can be equated with February – April when the temperature is still pleasant and there are more available cozycozy villas in Cancun.

If you want to visit Cancun at the lowest possible cost you should plan it for between August and mid-November.

When is summer in Cancun?

palms in Cancun

Cancun’s summer season is the northern hemisphere season which in 2019 starts on June 21 and ends on September 23.

Weather in Cancun

Cancun’s year-round climate is tropical and warm. The month with the highest average temperature is August when the thermometer reads 27.7 °C, while the coolest month is January with the mercury reading an average of 22.7 °C.

Cancun receives 1071 mm/m2 of rainfall, which is 8.4% higher than the average for all of Mexico and 71.3% higher than the average for Mexico City.

Rainfall in the Caribbean city of Quintana Roo is concentrated in the period September – October and, to a lesser extent, in June. The remaining months it rains less.

The source of the above information and of the month-by-month weather for Cancun presented below is climate-data.org.

Cancun weather in January

The first month of the year is the coolest (or least warm) in the Mexican Caribbean city and is part of the best time to go to Cancun.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 76

Minimum temperature (°C): 17.8

Maximum temperature (°C): 27.6

January average temperature (°C): 22.7

Weather in Cancun in February

The weather in Cancun in February is similar to January with a slight increase in temperature.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 51

Minimum temperature (°C): 17.7

Maximum temperature (°C): 28.2

February average temperature (°C): 22.9

Weather in Cancun in March

In March there is a significant increase in the average temperature in Cancun, which is 1.6 °C higher than in February. March is also the driest month of the year with rainfall of only 29 mm which makes it second best time to visit Cancun.

Precipitation (mm/m2): 29

Maximum temperature (°C): 29.9

Minimum temperature (°C): 19.1

March average temperature (°C): 24.5

Cancun weather in April

April sees another good increase in the mercury level, which rises by an average of 1.4 °C compared to March.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 38

Minimum temperature (°C): 20.5

Maximum temperature (°C): 31.4

April average temperature (°C): 25.9

Cancun weather in May

The average temperature in Cancun continues to rise from May onwards, an upward trend that will only reverse between August and September.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 80

Minimum temperature (°C): 21.6

Maximum temperature (°C): 32.0

May average temperature (°C): 26.8

Weather in Cancun in June

The most important change in Cancun’s weather in June is that the rains become more frequent, this being the third month with the most rainfall in the year.

Precipitation (mm/m2): 144

Minimum temperature (°C): 22.7

Maximum temperature (°C): 32.0

June average temperature (°C): 27.3

Weather in Cancun in July

As in May and June, the average temperature in July increases slightly with a significant decrease in rainfall.

Precipitation (mm/m2): 71

Minimum temperature (°C): 22.6

Maximum temperature (°C): 32.4

July average temperature (°C): 27.5

Weather in Cancun in August

Although rainfall remains at the same level as in July, August is the warmest month of the year in Cancun.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 72

Minimum temperature (°C): 22.7

Maximum temperature (°C): 32.7

August average temperature (°C): 27.7

Cancun weather in September

The end of summer and the imminent arrival of autumn in the northern hemisphere marks a change in the temperature trend, although in Cancun it is not as noticeable as in other places in Mexico and the world.

September is the second rainiest month in the tourist city of Quintana Roo.

Precipitation (mm/m2): 160

Minimum temperature (°C): 22.8

Maximum temperature (°C): 31.8

September average temperature (°C): 27.3

Cancun weather in October

The average temperature drops slightly again in Cancun’s wettest month of the year.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 194

Minimum temperature (°C): 21.8

Maximum temperature (°C): 30.3

October average temperature (°C): 26.0

Cancun weather in November

Cancun November weather improves significantly because it gets a little cooler and rainfall decreases.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 77

Minimum temperature (°C): 19.6

Maximum temperature (°C): 28.9

November average temperature (°C): 24.2

Weather in Cancun in December

The last month of the year is the best time to visit Cancun due to the fantastic weather in the tropical city; warm during the day and at night, cool and not very rainy.

Rainfall (mm/m2): 79

Minimum temperature (°C): 18.2

Maximum temperature (°C): 27.9

December average temperature (°C): 23.0

Best time to visit Cancun

Cancun pyramid

It will be the one you decide according to your budget and time availability. The Mexican Caribbean will always be waiting for you with its turquoise blue waters, white sands and so many places to have fun, that very soon you will be thinking about making another visit to Cancun.

When is it cheaper to go to Cancun?

Between the end of August and November it is usually cheaper time to visit Cancun because the large number of foreign tourists have not yet arrived and the summer vacations in Mexico are over.

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When is the hurricane season in Cancun?

The hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean runs from June to November, although most events occur in the August-October quarter.

Hurricanes have a large area to develop and with some exceptions, most of the coastal tourist spots are usually safe from them.

Cancun has only been significantly affected by hurricanes on 2 occasions: 1988 by Gilberto and 2005 by Wilma. There was a 17 year difference between the two.

Hurricane season in Cancun is usually a period when there is somewhat less tourist activity.

The best months to go to Cancun are from December to April.

Europeans and North Americans prefer to visit the Mexican Caribbean from December to April, so the rates for both flights and hotels are higher.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to visit Cancun from December to March because it is from the third month of the year, when the “spring breakers” start to arrive and hotels and restaurants start to be saturated with young tourists coming from the United States, mainly. Fortunately, if you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, there is no shortage of all-inclusive resorts in Cancun to choose from.

What is it like to visit Cancun from May to August?

It is during this season when the humidity increases and temperatures can reach 33°C (90°F). The good news is that in these months you can find very affordable prices for your lodging. But if you are a cigar aficionado you will need the best travel humidor if you want to keep your cigars fresh and in a perfect condition.

What is it like to visit Cancun from September to November?

While it is true that it rains during these months, you should also know that the all-inclusive hotels will allow you to have an affordable vacation and enjoy the activities offered by these resorts.

Best weather to travel to Cancun

It is from late November to mid-May when the weather in Cancun allows you to enjoy favorable weather, with sunny days to fully enjoy the attractions that surround this paradisiacal place.

In these months the temperature oscillates around 25 °C, without discarding the possibility of reaching 33 °C.

Cancun channels


In Cancun, as in most of the national territory, on January 6 the Three Kings Day is celebrated; in this same month the Annual Barracuda Fishing Tournament is held.


Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st and the Cancun Jazz Festival is held on that weekend. On May 5th the Battle of Puebla is commemorated and in this same month the Gay Festival is held.


The summer solstice is celebrated – it’s the best time to visit Cancun.


The Mayan New Year is celebrated on July 16.


The patriotic celebrations take place.


On November 2 it is recommended to visit Xcaret Park and enjoy the Day of the Dead celebration.

Hurricane Season

It is not possible to specify when a hurricane may hit, but it is known that from May to November the rainy season begins, which affects Mexico’s Caribbean coasts.

Although the hurricane season officially begins in May, most of these meteorological phenomena usually occur in September and October.

This season is considered low season and you can find very good prices, fewer tourists and opportunities. With a little luck you will be able to enjoy not entirely bad weather, but the probability of having bad weather is medium to high. It’s not the best time to visit Cancun!

Hurricane Wilma: the worst so far

On October 21, 2005, Hurricane Wilma hit the coasts of Cancun and has been the strongest hurricane to date, leaving destruction and desolation in the state of Quintana Roo.

According to official figures, the hurricane struck with winds that reached 280 kilometers per hour, with a fury that left one million people affected and economic losses valued at 30 billion pesos.

Almost 13 years later, Cancun is fully recovered and ready to receive tourists, who come to enjoy its paradisiacal beaches and delve a little into the Mayan culture.

How much does it cost to visit Cancun?

The budget for visit Cancun depends on the season, the type of transportation, the size of the group of travelers, the type of accommodation preferred, the way of eating and the attractions to be prioritized, among the most important variables. Some of the most popular transportation options are taxis, buses and rental cars but the fact that could surprise you the most is that you can also use Uber in Cancun.

In Cancun there are sumptuous hotels with rates of 300 and 400 USD per night, but there are also accommodations under 70 USD that, although not luxurious, are clean and comfortable.

In any city of mass tourism there are very expensive places to eat, but also, knowing how to look, there are places with reasonable prices.

The night shows and extreme adventure parks in Cancun and the Riviera Maya are fantastic, but they can be unbalanced.

A couple or family looking to save money can maximize the use of the public beaches and other free or low-cost attractions the city has to offer.

Likewise, maximizing the use of public transportation and minimizing the use of cabs will help lower transportation costs.

Main attractions in Cancun

El Ray in Cancun

If you don’t know it and are wondering what Cancun is like, we will tell you that it is a paradise of warm turquoise blue beaches and white sand in the Mexican Caribbean, in the state of Quintana Roo, located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cancun is Mexico’s main world tourist center due to its magnificent infrastructure of hotels and other tourist services, in addition to the proximity of prominent archeological sites of the Mayan culture, such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, Ek Balam and Coba.

Very close to Cancun are Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, the two most important island destinations in Mexico for their spectacular beaches, archaeological sites, water parks and some of the world’s best diving sites in the great Mayan reef.

Close to Cancun are extraordinary adventure parks for all kinds of extreme entertainment, such as subway river tours, ATV rides, zip lines and rappelling. Among these parks are Xcaret, Xplor, Xel-Ha and Rio Secreto.

Another attraction of Cancun is the large number of cenotes that exist in this part of the Yucatan Peninsula, bodies of beautiful and crystalline waters in the middle of the tropical jungle and with a whole underwater world to know.

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The Best time to visit Cancun and Party

Cancun offers a large number of bars that make the nightlife a never-ending party and it is in August when the Beach Festival is celebrated, with concerts and activities that guarantee fun for everyone.

Cancun is for its splendid beaches, great ecological and adventure parks, archaeological sites and cenotes, one of those places you have to visit at least once in your life.

If you are thinking of visiting the stunning Caribbean beach destination in the state of Quintana Roo, here’s what you need to know about the best time to visit Cancun.