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To find out which is the best time of year to visit Slovenia, you first need to know the climate of this country. Depending on the region of the country we find continental, high alpine or Mediterranean climate. Therefore, depending on the places you want to visit in Slovenia, the appropriate time of year will vary.

When should you travel to Slovenia?

A lake in Slovenia

Due to its geographical location and mountainous terrain, Slovenia’s interior has an alpine climate, while towards the coast we find a much milder and therefore Mediterranean climate. There is a third climate zone in the lowlands in the north-east of the country: the continental climate. This range of variation influences the appropriate time for a trip to Slovenia.

The average temperatures vary greatly depending on the region we are in; for example, the annual average in July is 20 degrees, whereas in January it is 0 degrees. Nevertheless, we can roughly conclude that the best time to travel to Slovenia is spring and summer.

In summer, between June and August, the temperatures are warm and it hardly rains, but this period coincides with the high tourist season. In spring and October there are already or still sunny days and pleasant temperatures and it is the tourist low season, so the prices fall. In winter, between November and March, is the perfect time for skiing and beyond that winter is the tourist low season.

However, as we would like to inform you about the best time to visit Slovenia depending on the desired destination, we have summarized all information below.

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When is the best time to visit Slovenia to see Ljubljana?

Ljubljana, the old town

Before visiting this beautiful city it is worth knowing that it has an oceanic climate, which means that it rains almost all year round. The rainiest months are September and October, the driest January to April.

The average temperature in Ljubljana is 10º C, but it can reach -28º C between October and May. In contrast, summers are quite hot, and in August temperatures climb up to 40º C. Considering all this, spring, between April and May, is probably the best time to visit the beautiful Slovenian city of Ljubljana.

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When should you travel to Slovenia to visit Piran?

Piran, Slovenia

If you want to visit the coastal municipality of Piran on your trip, it is best to do so in the months from May to October. Its climate is warm and pleasant, the average temperature is 25º C and reaches 29º C in July. In winter, however, the thermometer shows an average of 7º C, especially in January, the coldest month.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that Piran has two climates: oceanic and continental, with rainfall all year round, which decreases in summer and increases in autumn. The rainiest months are September and November.

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When to go to Slovenia to visit Bovec?

For those who do not know when to travel to Slovenia to visit Bovec, we will tell you here that the best time to do so is in the summer months. Nevertheless, you should remember that July and September are among the rainiest months (May, June, July, September and November).

In winter, from November to March, the climate is quite inhospitable, with the thermometer showing between 0º C and 7º C. In spring, in April and sometimes in May, the temperatures are a pleasant 15º C. But it is the summer, June to August, when the weather is splendid and therefore ideal for visiting this part of the country.

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When should one travel to Slovenia and visit Maribor?

Maribor, Slovenia

If your trip takes you to this city in the northeast of the country, near the border with Austria, the best months to visit are April, August and September. In the period from November to March the temperatures are between 5º C and 10º C. From April to June the thermometer rises to 19º C, so this is also the best time to travel to this city.

In October there are still pleasant temperatures around 25º C, but it rains a lot. So we can conclude that the best time to visit Slovenia and see Maribor is in April, August and September.

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When is the best time to visit Slovenia and explore Kranjska Gora?

When travelling to this village in the north-east of Slovenia, and in order to enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains, you should avoid winter as a travel season. During these months, not only is everything snowed in, but also icy, so the cold is enormous.

Temperatures range between -10º C and 20º C throughout the year, with July and August being the best months to visit this beautiful place. From the end of May to the beginning of September would also be a good time to visit this beautiful alpine village. Equipped with this information, you only need to plan your months and choose the best time to visit Slovenia. In this country every corner holds a surprise in store, don’t miss to visit it.

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