Which is the best travel magazine for your dream holiday?
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For those who love to do tourism, relax in a place away from home, enjoy a weekend out of town, and discover beautiful and interesting places, visit any country is a must, so the best travel magazines are a great idea for those seeking culture, food and wine, comfort and relaxation, but also adventure and breathtaking scenery.

In the vast catalog of travelermagazine.net there are all the top travel magazines even if you are operators in the field, if you are looking for tourist guides or if you are passionate about itineraries to discover the food and wine specialties typical of each territory.

Besides the best monthly travel magazines there are also monographic publications of great value and interest for those who plan holidays with family or friends and want to taste in advance the beauty of the places through the best photos, or discover the proposals of typical or unusual routes, to go beyond the usual.

With the best travel magazine in hand you can imagine your trip, discuss the itinerary with the other participants and start to enjoy the holiday, and then you can relive it in memory, to renew the well-being experienced: try it to believe!

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The best travel magazine: Exquisite Italy

The magazine of Italian excellence at the table, a reference point for chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs and foodies. For a reader who loves high-end catering and hospitality.

Exquisite Italy is a collector’s magazine, dedicated to the world of hospitality and haute cuisine.

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The stories of the greatest chefs of our country, their recipes, passions and ideas, food for thought, cards on the places and properties of the many local products of Italy are the subject of this periodical born to be read, lived and studied by chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs and passionate gourmets from around the world.

The articles, always unpublished, allow you to deepen the techniques and tools of work, to browse through the gourmet events and places where you can find products of excellence.

A unique way to be always up to date and deepen your passion for Italian cuisine.

The best travel magazine: Plein Air

Plein Air: a symbolic name rich in content, expression of freedom, joy of living, the pleasure of traveling and learning.

The monthly Plein Air has gained a leading position in the national tourist press.

A goal achieved thanks to an editorial approach that aimed to connect the journalistic action with the new, growing orientation of the holiday. Plein Air has many and all of them exclusive: the itineraries, the countryside, the parks, the villages, the events, the traditions, the typicality.


Topics that are summarized in the subtitle of the best travel magazine: the monthly tourism by nature. Plein Air has a unique feature: it is joined by a second magazine (Plein Air Market): the first presents the ways and motivations; in the second the tools to implement them, from the camper to the caravan, from sports items, digital tools, technical products that ensure self-sufficiency and the many ways of managing the holiday. During the year, readers are offered two precious and exclusive brochures.

The first is called AgriPleinAir and is the guide to the campaign. The second, Il Portolano, is the guide to the equipped areas.

The best travel magazine: Beautiful Europe

No continent has as much history, art and culture as Europe. No magazine in the world enters the history, art and culture of Europe like Bell’Europa.

Beautiful Europe is the newest way to see the Old Continent. It is meticulously described for you, the most hidden corners, the most fascinating places, all the secrets of the big cities and small villages.

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The best travel magazine: Beautiful Italy

All the extraordinary aspects of our country, revisited with love in a completely original perspective. Italy as it was and as it is, from the mountains to the endless islands, to the sea, to the lakes.

A monthly appointment to grasp the charm of our land and to discover the most famous, surprising, secret or unknown places of the most beautiful country in the world! Bell’Italia is the best travel magazine to read and preserve.

The best travel magazine: Caravans For Tourists

Technical services on campers, caravans, mechanics, accessories and tourism abroad.

Events and suggestions for parking. News about caravanning and tourism. Trade fairs and new products presented, tests. The website www.caravanecamper.it contains news updated daily and in the gallery, videos dedicated to models of the season.

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In the second part of the magazine is instead dedicated to Italian and foreign destinations, to places that offer territorial peculiarities worthy of being experienced. There is also a section dedicated to monthly events, exhibitions and events.

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The best travel magazine: By Travel

Go, discover, understand and have fun:

By Travel is certainly one of the best travel magazines, but it is above all a monthly appointment with a friend who “knows it” and who recommends places, destinations, hotels, restaurants, opportunities for travel and unforgettable stays.

In short, just like a friend would, he takes the responsibility of choosing and pointing out the “right place”, the one that is right for him / her.

Each issue is dedicated to a city or a region or an entire country, with lots of practical information on how to get there, what to see and how to have fun!

A faithful and punctual friend, full of discoveries, suggestions and proposals.

The best travel magazine: National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic has turned 20 years and to celebrate this important date “doubles” its success with the new edition of National Geographic Traveler!

Every three months, this best travel magazine is aimed at those who love to travel, even with imagination, comfortably on the sofa.

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With National Geographic Traveler you can immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the immense and spectacular landscapes of the world and live unforgettable experiences. You can sit with us at the table in the most beautiful sea view restaurants or take refuge in the most charming farms.

All accompanied by the great photography that has always distinguished National Geographic.

The best travel magazine: Traveller

Let’s make room for your passions. Are you ready to leave with us?

Traveller is a window on the world. A privileged point of view from which to observe it through live stories, absolutely independent and impartial, in the best school of international journalism.

Current and contemporary, Traveller welcomes the most prestigious brands, the most beautiful images of the best photographers in the world, the most original itineraries, the most true reviews, the most authentic journeys.

A travel journal, or rather a traveler’s journal, designed to amaze an audience that, by virtue of personal experiences and the infinite depths of the Internet, has seen or believes it has seen everything.

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A quarterly magazine that wants, therefore, to stand out both from the worn-out formula of the best tourism magazine, both from the bewildering digital universe.

Studied to show and live the world in a surprising way, with a curious look to discover, with extraordinary images, the landscapes “of the exception”, the wildest nature, the electrifying contradictions of the megalopolis, the people, the customs, the most beautiful and bold achievements of civilization, the places that have not yet become ‘tourist consumption’. In this magazine that plays on the emotion of the image and the evocation of the word, there is no shortage of columns: real coups de coeur visuals that squadron places, situations, unusual or remote events that alone “are worth the trip”.