How to travel the world for free
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Travel the world

Money: few. Time: little. Travel: a lot.

If travelling the world is your passion, don’t get discouraged. Of course, you have to have a lot of money to afford to travel all the time without doing anything, as a vacationer or as a tourist thinking only about fun or relaxation…

If your dream is how to travel the world but the economic resources available are scarce, here is the solution: work abroad.

We are not talking about permanent jobs or jobs with the aim of a career or wealth, but simple “trades” that can allow you to earn the necessary to keep you on the road, without neglecting your free time. There are ways to travel for free and you may even get paid for it. Here’s how to visit the most beautiful beaches in Spain, the best tourist destination in Brazil or the most unusual places in Japan.

House sitting

It’s a bit like babysitting or dog-sitting, but in this case you’re watching a house. It consists of taking care of homes (and sometimes pets) when the owners are travelling. And you also get paid.

Flight attendant

It’s the first job that comes to mind when you think about travel. Stewardesses and stewards spend their time travelling and are also paid to do so. Isn’t it the best job in the world?

Tour guide

A little less demanding than the flight attendant who spends little time at home, the driving job is perfect for those who love to travel, but are also curious and want to know (and make known) the beauty of a tourist resort. The guide can specialize in a destination or work for a tour operator and accompany groups around the world.


In the term ‘voluntary’ it is already implied that you are not paid for this activity (sometimes you are reimbursed for expenses, board and lodging). However, if you are prepared to do good, there is nothing better than seeing the world with a more ‘social’ eye. You do not need to reach dangerous destinations. You just need to take care of the turtles on the island of Lampedusa or be part of the team at an international event.

Organic Farms

More and more people love to be in contact with nature and eat organic products. There are many farmhouses and farms that host people providing food and accommodation in exchange for work. They range from sowing to milking, from cooking to household chores. Work is seasonal.

Free B&B in exchange for services

Skills come at a price. If you are experienced in some specific activity you can stay for free in many bed and breakfasts, including Italian ones. The important thing is that in exchange for room and board you spend a few hours transferring your knowledge to the owner. For example, if you are a computer scientist you can help to create the website of the b&b or give some technological gadgets. If you are a good chef you can cook for guests and teach your secret recipes.

Transporting cars

It’s a type of job that car rental companies are looking for. It’s picking up cars left behind by the rental company to bring them back to headquarters. This system is called ‘drop off’ and if you rent a car in one place to leave it in another it costs a lot of money. Here, some of this money would go to you.

Transfer boats

Often the owners of a boat moored in one place need to move it elsewhere, to explore more distant shores, but have no time to take care of the transport. That’s why those who have a boating license and some experience have the opportunity to have a nice free holiday on a boat, combining the useful with the enjoyable.


On a cruise ship you look for all kinds of professionalism. From the barman to the entertainer, from the beautician to the chef, these are all professions that allow you to travel far and wide enjoying the free time available to visit the places where you dock. For the staff on board, however, excursions that cost passengers almost more than the cruise itself, are free of charge.


You should not suffer from seasickness and you should have a minimum of nautical knowledge, but not necessarily the specific licence. The skipper’s job is to accompany you during a boating holiday. The skipper performs technical tasks, but must also know how to cook and clean. The work is hard, in close contact with people, but it is well paid.

Travel agent

It is one of the most famous professions related to travel, although the figure of the travel agent is slowly disappearing in proportion to the disappearance of agencies. You work for a travel agency Philippines and travel around the world to test places and services, especially hotels. Where there is a hotel, an agent has certainly come by to test it to include it in their travel packages or not. Hotel inspector It’s the luxury evolution of the travel agent. The inspector travels incognito among the most beautiful and luxurious facilities in the world to see if the service lives up to the reputation and deserves the stars or any other prestigious award.