The most interesting things to do in Mexico City this year
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Mexico City is a bustling capital with lots of interesting things to do, whether you love art, music, sports or just the old food. We have put together a list of the most interesting things to do in Mexico City, from events that are undervalued annual treasures to bizarre activities and trips that tend to evade the average tourist.

13. Visit one of the most interesting places – Mágicos Barrios

Most undervalued Mexico is known for its Pueblo Mágicos tourist scheme, which identifies picturesque and historically significant cities as “magical cities”. What many people fail to understand is that even Mexico City has a similar scheme, although a lack of funding means it is under-promoted criminally. The most common barrios Mágicos of Mexico City are not to be missed (think of Xochimilco, Rome and others). However, this year you make an effort to stop by those less known for a rewarding trip off the beaten track-a guide to which you can find here.

12. Get tickets and visit the famous Corona Capital or Latino Live

As the capital of a country as large as Mexico, it is not surprising that Mexico City has many stellar concerts for music enthusiasts and amateur fans. Two of the best and most well known are Corona Capital and Latino Live. If you want to participate in the latter, be sure to be in town in mid-March to capture artists such as Jake Bugg, Julieta Venegas and Mon Laferte, while Corona Capital will not be until November and training is TBA.

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11. Excursion to the most interesting national parks in Mexico City

Desierto de los Leones
Desierto de los Leones

Mexico City is such an urban sprawl that many forget not to have to get stuck in the concrete jungle. Instead, venture to the outskirts of what is still officially Mexico City and take an open air excursion to one of its beautiful national parks. It is advisable to head south to Desierto de los Leones or to the west to the Kumbres de Ajusco.

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10. One of the most interesting things – the Day of the Dead in Mixquic

Whether you are a tourist or a local, celebrate Día de Muertos in Mexico itself should be on your bucket list. If you are in Mexico City, the best option is to go to the Barrio Mágico Mixquic and participate (or simply observe) the highly traditional celebrations that are held there every year. Alternatively, you can stay in the old Town and watch the James Bond-inspired parade that seems to be an annual event from now on.

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9. Visit one of the most famous events of Zona Maco

In the beginning of every February you can go to the most beautiful places and largest contemporary art fair in Latin America, which has grown exponentially in recent years. Known as MACO AREA, collectors, specialists and galleries are gathered to exhibit, promote and sell workpieces. If you are even remotely curious about the world of contemporary art, it is an unmissable event.

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8. Indulge in some of the best Mexican wine

Coffee, tequila and mezcal often steal the limelight here, but few realize that even Mexico is a wine producing country. From Coahuila to Querétaro (and also to Baja California), there are many vineyards to choose from, but if you are free of sea-outlets and have no vineyards in Mexico City, go to one of the city’s specialty liquor stores or other exclusive bars and indulge in a bottle instead. Look for cues in the environment: more sophisticated it seems, the more likely you are to have Mexican wine.

7. Try a good and interesting Mexican coffee

We know we just suggested we give up Mexican coffee in favor of Mexican wine, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for the local coffee produced here. Avoid Starbucks and go to one of the best city’s independent cafes, where you’ll probably find that your cafeer options are far more diverse and of a local nature.

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6. Join the punk scene with a visit to one of the most interesting events – El Chopo

El Chopo
El Chopo

The Mexican markets are one of the most beautiful things in this country, which everyone must visit. Just stroll and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of daily commerce and bargaining while you grant the last activity of people observation. Alternatively, you can stock up on fruits, vegetables and other super fresh and extremely cheap foods. However, in Mexico City, an alternative option-in all senses of the word-is on the table. Take a trip to El Chopo, the heart of the city’s punk scene.

5. Make your tour of the city’s street art

The walls of Mexico City are overflowing with artistically untalented artists. However, mingled among the trash, there are some undeniable gems created by legitimate street performers who try to cheer up the often unbearable urbanity of the Mexican capital. From the pieces of Sofia Castellanos to La Roma, to the various works of Axolotl Collective and Mocre, the street art is something that everyone in the capital should explore.

4. Eat the best authentic snacks in Mexico City

Mexican food in general is great, but Mexico City cuisine has some really unique culinary experiences that locals love both to indulge and boast. One of these is the rather strange carb-on-carb concept of the Guajalota, otherwise known as tamales tart (tamale sandwich). You might think that your tamales was already dense enough and mellow enough-just imagine what a delight awaits when you try it served in a sandwich. In all honesty, however, prepares a delicious and authentic snack.

3. Guide your bike and visit the famous Reforma on Sundays

A weekly show, every Sunday (apart from the final one of the month) sees Mexico City close one of its main and most beautiful roads for traffic, so that the general public can participate in the first round in the morning bike. This is one of those events that when you really take the trouble to do it, you’re hooked-it’s going to sound absurd that you’ve never tried before.

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2. Another interesting thing is to ride on the subway outside the rush hour

The subway is part of the daily life of the residents and visitors of Mexico City, and while it may not be as crazy as the New York Subway, but it can be just as cramped, if not more. Instead of always tightening with the rest of the workers at peak hours, plan your day so you can be a little more relaxed than your metropolitan experience and enjoy the sounds and images of this means of transportation. You are sure to come away with some fantastic anecdotes.

1. Try the lesser known, but the best Mexican beverage, Pulque


Pulque, because of its temperamental nature, is not a beverage that can be exported. Therefore, it must be tried literally in Mexico and fortunately Mexico City is one of the most interesting places where it is produced. Known for its strange viscosity and its strange consistency, you can prove it “natural” or as a curado, with an added flavour like mango or pine nuts to eliminate the limit. As a bonus, it has some unexpected health benefits.