The most romantic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day is coming and you don’t want to be found unprepared! Do you already have the supply of sappy text messages to strike your sweetheart in the heart? Have you made a list of possible gifts yet? Stuffed chocolates or not? How about instead of the usual perfumes and ties you plan a nice trip this year?

If you are wondering where to go to impress your partner, we try to help you with this list of most romantic cities for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day in Paris, France

A couple kissing in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris

Who said Paris is just kisses and cuddles under the Eiffel Tower or romantic walks along the Seine?

You can instead reach the Museum of Eroticism, a stone’s throw from the Mouline Rouge: seven floors to explore to learn about the history of eroticism across the world and cultures. You will discover many spicy relics from all over the world. Here you will find all the most unusual and romantic things to do in Paris.

Valentine’s day in New York, USA

Well, why not, a nice romantic getaway in New York, that’s always good. Of course, you’ll have to skate under your arm at Rockefeller Center, or snuggle up warm from the blanket during a ride in a carriage along Central Park.

And of course, to stay in the tradition, don’t miss a kiss on Ellis Island, which from 1892 to 1954 was the main entry point for immigrants. Checkpoint workers nicknamed it a ‘kissing post’ column. It was at that very spot, in fact, that the new Americans found family and love that they hadn’t seen for a long time.

Valentine’s day in Florence, Italy

Romantic hotel in Florence

Florence evening panoramaWalking on the Ponte Vecchio, overlooking the vineyards and hills of Tuscany, sipping a Chianti wine while you… bite into a Florentine steak! No no, rather, embrace and fall in love again in front of the masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery such as the Birth of Venus or the Spring by Botticelli… Yes, Florence is all this and more, and it is one of the most romantic places not only in Italy!

If the weather allows it… try a trip on a wasp! Romantic and Vintage are getting married in style… try to believe!

Valentine’s day in Burgundy, France

Burgundy, France

A toast with fine wine in the French region of Bordeaux, home to one of the most beautiful collections of vineyards where you can get lost to taste the most famous wines in the world and get to know the fascinating land of Gironde.

In the direction of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, underneath the castle, enjoy a tasting of fortified white wines and then reach the prized Sauternes vineyard. Your tour to discover the pleasures of French wine will not fail to stop at the delightful medieval town of Saint-Emilion and its vineyards.

Valentine’s day in Blarney Castle, Ireland

You want luck in love? Your destination then is, not far from Cork, the Blarney Castle. Legend has it that whoever kisses the stone on top of the castle will be rewarded with an extraordinary talk and the ability to enchant even the most skeptical of people.

Lie on your back, bow your head over an opening in the air and kiss the stone upside down. Here is a guide to Ireland’s most beautiful castles.

Valentine’s day in South Wales

Reach what’s left of Ogmore Castle, not far from Cardiff, to see the most romantic sight ever seen elsewhere for a romantic night under a fascinating starlit path.

Valentine’s day in Five Grounds, Italy

Via dell'Amore, Italy

Sheer cliffs, the colours of the villages perched on the sea, the clear skies of Liguria! What else can you ask for a romantic getaway? From Vernazza to Corniglia, from Monterosso to Riomaggiore, up to Manarola, this is the perfect place to spend a special Valentine’s Day. Walk along the Sentiero Azzurro. This is where the Via dell’Amore, which connects Manarola to Riomaggiore, is located! The route can only be covered on foot and will require some training, but we bet your heart will be trained!

Valentine’s day in Lisbon, Portugal

A secret escape to Portugal could be the idea you’ve been looking for for your Valentine’s Day! The warm and evocative atmosphere of Lisbon, with its intricate alleys, ups and downs and the notes of a passionate Fado to warm the evening, will make you fall in love (if you weren’t enough already)! Visit the Tower of Belém and stop by the Antiga Confeitaria to taste the famous Pastais de Belém, the classic Portuguese sweets. You should have enough sugar! Your trip can only be very sweet! Another option for Valentine’s Day in Portugal is to discover what to do in Sintra.

Valentine’s day in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Reach the marina in Nyhavn, get on a boat and take the tour of the canals embraced by your partner. The lights of this romantic and discreet capital will win you over. Say hello to the Little Mermaid and get ready to celebrate in style. If you’re going to do things right and leave your man (or your girl) speechless, take her to dinner at Noma, the best restaurant in the world! Book well in advance and enjoy a delicious dinner. Only the bill will be salty, but for your Love this and more! Right? Right?

Valentine’s day in Palermo, Italy

Italy, with its great landscapes and the richness of its beauties and historical monuments, really has no comparison. Sicily, then, is the ideal place to say “I love you”. Visit the markets of Vucciria and Ballarò, pop into Monreale and admire the wonderful mosaics of the Duomo, walk at sunset along the beach of Mondello (the sea in winter is really romantic!) and then the acchianata of Montepellegrino awaits you. The summit that enchanted Goethe and that will leave you breathless! In every sense!

Valentine’s day in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakesh is the perfect city to get carried away by passion. Visit the Medina with its colourful souks, be enchanted by the scents of Djemaa el Fna Square, drop in at the Koutoubia Mosque and sip a mint tea in one of the city’s many small bars. The ideal would be to book a relaxing tour for two in a hammam, a luxury spa, to celebrate February 14th in style! Not bad, huh?

Valentine’s day in Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most suggestive cities where to celebrate a sweet Valentine’s Day. Among all the romantic things to do, there’s only an embarrassment of choice. Start with a dinner in Trastevere and finish with a walk to the Trevi Fountain. Throw the coin in the water and make your wish. Swear Eternal Love before the Mouth of Truth. Enjoy the view of the capital from the Janiculum, or reach the Zodiac. One of the highest points of the city, also known as “Avenue of Lovers”. Well, that’ll mean something!

Valentine’s day in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona at night

If strolling down Las Ramblas hand in hand isn’t for you (or you’re bothered by the crowds of tourists who flock to the colourful stalls on Barcelona’s most famous street) head to the Borne district. You’ll be surprised when you find yourself in Carrer dels Petons, the “Street of Kisses”! Legend has it that here the condemned men and women on death row say their last goodbye to their brides. Well, today it has become the perfect place to exchange secretly and sheltered from the confusion of the city a very sweet kiss! Don’t forget to visit the most beautiful beaches in Spain in the summer!

Valentine’s day in Vienna, Austria

Did you just meet her? Do you want her to surrender or declare yourself forever? Vienna is the city for you! The elegance of this European capital is unparalleled. You can ice skate: the ice rink at the Wiener Eistraum is also open on Valentine’s Day! Or take a carriage ride and enjoy the real, authentic Viennese cake at Café Sacher. But that’s not all! Visit the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere (Österreichische Galerie Belvedere), you will find yourself in front of Klimt’s legendary “Kiss”. No better invitation to surrender into the arms of your half!

Valentine’s day in London, UK

London needs no introduction, but can such a cosmopolitan and modern capital also be incurably romantic? Yes, it can! Climb the London Eye, the Ferris wheel that dominates the city, and take advantage of the magical moment to declare yourself. Then, pop into the Tate, visit their beautiful collection of artwork and then head to St Paul’s Cathedral. Here is the Whisper Gallery! Whisper “I love you” on one side of the room and the person you love will hear it on the other. Well, if you’re shy, this is the perfect way to declare yourself without blushing!

Valentine’s day in Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy

Verona is considered the city symbol of romantic love, celebrating the story of Romeo and Juliet, the two unfortunate lovers whose epilogue is famous all over the world because it was celebrated by the great Shakespeare. It is possible to visit Juliet’s house and her famous balcony (a reproduction) which is said to have been climbed by Romeo himself, and Juliet’s tomb. You can also visit Venice, one of the places that will disappear soon from the Earth.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day the whole city of Verona is decorated with a theme, and many parties and shows are organized within the Verona in Love, the event held every year to celebrate all lovers! It is a unique occasion to celebrate your love!

Valentine’s day in Füssen, Germany

Are you ready to take the most romantic road in the world? It is called Romantische Strasse, is located in Germany in the south and connects two beautiful German towns, Füssen and the Bavarian Bees, with Würzburg and the Main Valley. A journey of 370 km from South to North that offers you breathtaking natural landscapes, with beautiful villages characterized by trellis houses, medieval walls, baroque churches that have become part of the UNESCO World Heritage and ancient villages.

Surely the first stop of love will be the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein, the royal house of the eccentric King Ludwig II, a king dedicated to romance!

Valentine’s day in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is certainly one of the most romantic cities in Europe; the whole city exudes a mysterious charm, fuelled by the various legends that hover around it.

Discovering its hidden corners, admiring its glimpses or strolling by the hand at sunset over Charles Bridge while admiring the Vltava river tinged with pink underneath is one of the most beautiful things to do in Prague!

Valentine’s day in Bled, Slovenia

In Slovenia there is Bled and its romantic postcard view that we are sure will remain impressed in the heart and mind of every lover; with the small island where the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption towers, with its bell tower and its characteristic profile that stands alone in the middle of the lake, is the cradle of romantic love legends!

Valentine’s day in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tiblisi won’t be the first destination that comes to mind when talking about Valentine’s Day, but he won’t let you down. Georgian cuisine and wines are famous all over the world, as well as the incredible local hospitality. Tbilisi is an inviting destination, with its picturesque old town and mountainous area. You will no doubt be fascinated by it.

Valentine’s day in Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

The ancient maritime city of Kotor is very picturesque and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It offers walks among palaces, beautiful churches, excellent local cuisine and squares with inviting cafes. Overlooking the Adriatic coast, it is a romantic setting ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is undoubtedly known for its typical white houses and blue tiles. Treat yourself to a special dinner in one of the seafront restaurants, admire the windmills, listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy the sunset on the beach. And if you prefer a lively evening Mykonos is also known for its nightlife!

Valentine’s day in Granada, Spain

Granada is less touristy than other Spanish cities, but no less impressive. Just walking through the narrow streets and its houses is a romantic experience. You will find street music and beautiful gardens to accompany your days. You cannot miss a visit to the incredible Alhambra.

Valentine’s day in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a city that has never lacked charm, and also thanks to the Game of Thrones, today more and more people appreciate it. If you are looking for a bit of romance, take a cable car ride up Mount Sergius (Srđ in Croatian) to see the old town in all its splendor. Or have a drink at the Buza bar, located on a cliff with an incredible view of the Adriatic coast.

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