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Moszna Castle is a fabulous and fanciful residence that can be found just south of Opole. The historic building has 365 rooms, 99 towers and turrets, and it is surrounded by a large park, where you can find 300 year old oak trees. It is safe to say that this is one of the most famous monuments in the Opole region in Poland.

For many people the castle in Moszna brings to mind childhood and Walt Disney’s fairy tales. Therefore, not only the youngest will fall in love with this place to madness. It does not have much architectural value, as it is only 100 years old and does not present any particular style, nor has it ever really been a castle.

However, it amazes with fantasy of its creators, ingenuity of details and general magnificence. Approaching the building, it is hard not to be under the impression that you are entering the magical world of fairy tales and the queen’s castle. Additionally, rhododendrons in the palace garden smell beautifully and the loud croaking of frogs can be heard from the pond.

History of Moszna Castle

Moszna Castle history

According to the legend, in the 14th century the Moschin family came to the local parish of Łącznik and the town took its name from them. According to the legends, in the Middle Ages Moszna was ruled by the Order of Templars. Originally the castle in Moszna was built as a baroque palace in the middle of the 18th century. It is worth mentioning that from 1866 to 1945 it was a residence of Silesian family of Tiele-Winckler, local industrial tycoons.

Today’s fairytale appearance of the Palace is the aftermath of the June storm in 1896, when a part of the castle burnt down and the administrators quickly started to rebuild it. Before 1900 the eastern part of the castle was built in Neo-Gothic style together with an orangery, and in 1911-13 the western part was added in Neo-Renaissance style.

Moszna Castle must have made quite an impression on Prussian Emperor William II, who came here three times for hunting trips. The Tiele-Winckler family lived in Moszna Castle until 1945, when they abandoned their property in the face of the approaching Soviet army. During the war the castle was used as a hospital, thanks to which it was not destroyed.

Unfortunately, the works of art left behind were plundered by Soviet soldiers stationed here, who also devastated much of the palace equipment. In the early 1970s a sanatorium was established here, and a few decades later a neurosis treatment center. In 2013 the hospital was moved to a neighboring building and now the entire palace is dedicated to tourists. There are now a hotel, conference rooms, a café and a restaurant.

Moszna Castle sightseeing

Moszna Castle

Visiting Moszna Castle usually lasts about an hour and is possible between 10:00 and 17:00 hrs. 17:00 is the time of last entry and for reservations you can find information directly on the castle’s website. The castle of Moszna can be visited with a guide. The tour leads through the historic dining room, a former ballroom with precious tapestries on its walls. Then the route leads through the orangery and the Count’s study and chapel.

Visitors are also sure to be impressed by the wooden staircase leading to the first floor and the ceiling. For an additional fee the two highest towers of the palace are available. It is worth climbing up here (so prepare your best backpack with lots of pockets) if only to have a look at the Opava Mountains and the chateau park. In good weather you can see the Czech Praděd! The highest tower is still used as a water tower today.

Also remember the beautiful park, which is an integral part of the castle grounds. Pedunculate oaks and beautiful rhododendrons grow here. At the back of the castle there is a beautiful terrace, stairs and a fountain, in which the fabulous castle is beautifully reflected. Inside the Palace very little has survived from its former glory days.

Unfortunately, the rooms are empty and only imagination will allow you to move a few decades back.  A lot of rooms were prepared for hotel guests and are not available. To tell the truth, the castle is much more impressive from the outside. The same is true of the nearby Javorník Castle (an hour’s drive from Moszna), which is on the Czech side.

99 towers of the castle

The entire palace and park complex was the residence of the German Tiele-Winckler family from the mid-19th century until the end of World War II. The castle in Moszna, although it has never been a castle, creates such an impression because according to Franz-Hubert Tiele-Winckler’s fantasy, it has 365 rooms and as many as 99 towers, for which the building is famous.

The gardens of Moszna Palace

Last but not least, there are the mysterious Templars, who are said to have had their castle here in the past, as evidenced by the undergrounds discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. They are located under the castle park, but if we are to be honest, the story about the ghost seems to be more credible. In 1978 the film “The Pirx Test” was shot here, and 7 years later “I Like Bats”, a production about the vampire Isis who seduced and killed men.

Palace park in Moszna

The castle in Moszna is surrounded by a huge park with old trees, azaleas and rhododendrons, and a beautiful lime avenue. It is a beautiful place for walks. Nearby we will also encounter a necropolis hiding ashes of former Moszna owners. Nearby it is worth visiting Moszna Stud, where Olympic horses are bred.

Azaleas in the chateau park

Apart from the towers, the palace in Moszna is also famous for its large, colorful azalea bushes, which you will find in many places in the park. Every year in May, there is even the Azalea Blossom Music Festival, a classical music festival held at the castle. The name comes from the fact that these beautiful flowers bloom here at this time and can reach truly impressive sizes.

Palace legends

Moszna Castle legends

It is said that it is no coincidence that Moszna Castle has exactly 99 towers and no more. Supposedly, if there were a hundred towers, then the owner of the castle would be obliged to maintain a military garrison. How much truth in this is hard to say, but according to another version, the family owned 99 estates and it was the towers that reflected the wealth of the Tiele-Winckler family. Of course, there is also a ghost, wandering around the corridors and chambers of the Castle. It is an unhappily in love governess, who directed her feelings to the Count. In despair of unrequited love she took her own life and today you can meet her in one of the hotel apartments.

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Castle Moszna – directions, parking & map

The Palace at Moszna is located in Opolskie Province, in Krapkowicki County, about 30 km south of Opole. The exact location of the Castle will appear after you go to the map. Access from A4 highway a will take you plus-minus two quarters of an hour. If you are coming from Katowice, take the exit in Krapkowice (Gogolin interchange), if you are coming from the west, take the Dąbrówka exit (Opole Południe interchange).

Both from Katowice and Wrocław you will arrive in a similar time, i.e. after about 80 minutes. Directly in the vicinity of Moszna Castle there are two parking lots. The first one will appear when you pass the church, on the right side. It is quite big and gravel. The second one is much smaller for about 20 cars and is located 250 meters further towards the castle. After the season, there was no fee charged.

Moszna Castle price list 2021

Entrance to the palace and park area

  • from November to March – free
  • from April to October: normal ticket 10 pln, discounted 6 pln

Visiting the castle with a guide

  • a normal ticket 15 pln, a reduced ticket 9 pln
  • 10:00 – 17:00 (last entry)

Admission to the castle towers

  • a normal ticket 12 pln, discounted 8 pln
  • 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (last entry)

Extreme castle tour

  • normal ticket – 38 pln, discounted ticket – 32 pln – Friday-Sunday and holidays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm