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In the biggest cities around the world you can always find some museums called “museum of sex”. With the exception of a few tourist traps, many of these museums preserve a number of relics and works that are unlikely to be shown in traditional museums and that talk about eroticism and sex related to different cultures and countries. Some museums in particular have and dedicate some areas to LGBTQ eroticism, covering every single aspect of sexuality. Here are the best sex museums in the world.

Venustempel Museum of Sex – Amsterdam

The oldest museum of sex in the world could only be located in what is universally considered one of the most libertine and transgressive cities in the world. We are of course talking about the beautiful Dutch capital Amsterdam. Inaugurated back in 1985, the Temple of Venus welcomes half a million visitors every year who can retrace more than 4000 years of sex history through a unique collection of exhibits, artifacts, paintings, photographs and various attractions with eroticism as their theme.

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Museum of Sex – New York

If you decide to fly to New York for your next trip, don’t miss a visit to the Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue in the Big Apple. Founded in 2002, the museum has developed rapidly to host 15 exhibitions, 5 vital installations and more than 15,000 artifacts including costumes, technology and erotic art. An educational, original and entertaining museum as evidenced by exhibitions such as “Sex life of robots”, Gloves: life, history and condom fight”.

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Museum of Sex Machines – Prague

In the three exhibition floors of the museum of sex of the Bohemian capital you will find all the tools of the trade imaginable: from electrical anti-masturbation devices to chastity belts, passing through every kind of vibrator possible, for a total of over 200 items. The museum also houses a small cinema hall, where ancient erotic films are shown.

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Musée de l’érotisme – Paris

It certainly could not miss a museum of sex in the city of love par excellence, the Ville Lumière. The Parisian sex museum is located in the district of Pigalle (and where else?) and is spread over five floors, occupied by a collection dedicated to eros, ranging from oriental and African religious art to the art of the contemporary world, and exhibitions of undoubted charm, such as Curiosa, exhibition focuses on sacred art that collects masks and amulets used in religious ceremonies with a sexual background.

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Beate Uhse Erotik Museum – Berlin

The museum of sex in the German capital is named after Beata Uhse-Rotermund, a woman pilot of the 1930s who opened the first sex shop in history in Berlin after the Second World War. The museum, created by world-renowned sexologists and designers, explores the world of eroticism in all its facets, but with a special focus on the educational dimension: 32 exhibitions, 12 interactive games and 3D projections try to answer all possible questions about the world of sex, from the importance of resignation to the health benefits of sex, through the strangest curiosities, such as whether or not the G-spot exists in men.

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Museum of Sex – Las Vegas

This is perhaps one of the biggest sex and eroticism museums in the world, and it’s no coincidence that it’s in Las Vegas – the US capital of gambling. The museum’s collection boasts many ancient pieces that show how sex was thought of in the past, but there is no shortage of current exhibitions such as the Wall of Shame, the wall on which all the sex scandals involving political figures are told. In addition, LGBTQ art has been given the right space and temporary themed exhibitions are often organized.

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LA&M Museum of Sex – Chicago

The LA&M, Leaher Archive and Museum of sex, is one of the most important museums for the American leather subculture. The archive and museum traces the history of leather, kink and fetish with many historical relics from the permanent collection, but also with reconstructions of a dangeon, uniform room and a leather bar that you can actually use. Also interesting is the online archive, which can be consulted by everyone, always.

Black House Museum of Sex – Chiang Rai

This weird museum isn’t really an erotic or museum of sex, but you’ll still see more phalluses and vaginas in this house than in your whole life. The Black House is a work of contemporary art built in Chiang Rai in Thailand, and it covers in an unusual way different themes such as fertility and procreation. Rooms shaped like vaginas, penis-shaped handles and expanses of wooden phalluses will welcome you in this particular museum.

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The Phallological Museum of Sex – Reykjavik

If you like penis, but you really like it, this is the place for you! In this museum of sex have been catalogued the phalluses of at least 300 mammals, including 56 different genitalia of whales, a polar bear penis, but also penises of seagulls, penguins and some humans. If you visit Iceland, add this museum to your list of museums to visit.

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