25 places to visit in Singapore in 2023
You are currently viewing 25 places to visit in Singapore in 2023

Three and a half million people in just 600 square kilometers. If it were not for the large number of regulations and laws that govern the operation of the city, Singapore would be a real chaos. You can get fines for throwing paper, chewing gum or butts on the ground and it is clear that this is the price to be paid by citizens and visitors to keep the city’s ground always clean. In any case, it’s not the Singapore floor that will attract your attention when you visit this city, but its skyscrapers and bright lights that illuminate the night.

If you plan to visit Singapore, here are 25 things you can’t miss. If it’s not on your “list of places to visit in Singapore” yet, you can get in after reading our tips.

Visit Merlion Park

Merlion park in Singapore

Go see the statue of Merlion, symbol of the city and representing a creature half lion and half fish. It is located at the mouth of the Singapore River since 1972 and gives its name to the park next to it, Merlion Park.

Stroll along the Marina Bay

Take a walk to Marina Bay, a 3 and a half kilometer long path where you’ll come across the Mist Walk, a huge vaporizer created to cool you down in the city’s humid heat.

Dive into the Infinity Pool

Infinity pool at Marina bay

Once you arrive here admire the imposing Marina Bay Sands hotel where the famous Inifinity Pool is located, on the top floor, a huge swimming pool from which you can admire the centre of Singapore. Unfortunately it is only accessible to hotel guests, but the terrace bar next to this pool is open to everyone and they will let you in as long as you order something.

Watch the sunset over the Singapore Flyer

Wait until sunset to get on the Singapore Flyer, one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels, 165 metres high (think the London Eye measures 30). The full ride takes about half an hour and if you happen to do it during the day you can get a glimpse of Malaysian islands.

Visit the Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay in Singapore

Don’t miss to visit one of the most famous landmarks in Asia – the Gardens by the Bay. Two huge greenhouses that house species of trees and flowers from various types of climate zones around the world and manage to coexist thanks to an efficient air conditioning system. The Flower Dome mainly hosts flowers, the Cloud Forest allows you to see an impressive artificial waterfall.

See the immense trees of life

Along with the entrance to the Gardens by the Bay you can also buy the one for the beautiful trees that look like something out of the movie Avatar. Every night there is a light and music show that colours the Singapore skyline. These are the Supertrees Grove.

Visit the Museum of Art and Science

Another place to visit in Singapore is the Museum of Art and Science in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The structure resembles that of a lotus flower and inside you can see up close a flying machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci as exhibitions that are the result of the most sophisticated robotics.

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Attending a light show

Once in Singapore, you can not miss to visit the “Wonder Full Light and Water Show”, in front of the Marina Bay Sands, which takes place every evening at 8.00 pm and 9.30 pm (on Sundays also at 11.00 pm) and where films are projected on a water curtain while music and fireworks animate the scenery.

Shopping in Singapore

When you visit Singapore treat yourself to an afternoon of shopping in the street full of shops and malls of all kinds: Orchard Road is among the must-visit places in Singapore.

Visit Padang

Padang supreme court in Singapore

Visit Padang, a district full of colonial buildings that are symbols of ancient British imperialism: the Victoria Theatre, City Hall, the former seat of Parliament, the Supreme Court, St. Andrews Cathedral and the Empress Place Building where the Museum of Asian Civilization is located. In Padang you will find the Singapore Cricket Club, founded in 1852 and where cricket is still played today.

Museum of Civilization

In the Empress Place Building visit the Museum of Asian Civilization. Inside you will find valuable artifacts and works of art from all over Asia (in particular from South East Asia, China, India, Turkey and Sri Lanka).

Visit the Singapore Zoo

White tigers in Singapore Zoo

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Singapore where animals are not kept in cages but in a state of semi-freedom. The natural environment in which they live and their climate have been reproduced to resemble the original ones. With the Night Safari you can admire the animals at night, in the moonlight, on board special trams.

Visit the Singapore Aquarium

Singapore aquarium

If you love animals a must-visit place in Singapore is the Aquarium located in the complex of Sentosa Park. Here 10 areas of the world have been reproduced to house 800 different species of fish.  The main attraction is the huge Open Ocean tank where you can sit on armchairs and admire giant stingrays swimming in schools of thousands of small fish.

The Island of Sentosa

This is a combination of amusement park, attractions and artificial buildings that blend into a natural environment of beaches and tropical jungle but you need to know when is the best time to visit Singapore. The beaches, like Palawan Beach, are artificial but if you’re looking for some respite from the stifling heat you can come here and mingle with the locals.

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Theatres on the Bay

Yes, in Singapore you can watch an opera, ballet, classical music and other performances that take place every day. Prices range from $20-30 for the cheapest seats and over $100 for the best ones. On weekends, for those who want to save money, see free shows on the outdoor stage by the river.

The Jurong Bird Park

Jurong bird park in Singapore

It is among the perfect places to visit in Singapore for bird lovers as it is one of the largest in the world dedicated to these animals. Here you will find over 600 different species in an entirely dedicated area of 200,000 square meters. You will find natural and artificial lakes and even an area dedicated to night birds where you can see a wide range of owls up close.

Hawker market in Singapore

If you get hungry and want to taste real delicacies pop into the Hawker Market, here you will find local specialties such as exotic dishes from many Asian countries. Spicy, colorful and fragrant dishes that will allow you to taste unforgettable flavors of Singapore.

Order a Singapore Sling

The famous gin cocktail with cherry brandy, cointreau, benedectine, grenadine, pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice and two drops of angostura. This drink was invented by Ngiam Tong Boon, a bartender who worked at the Raffles Hotel, where you can still order this historic cocktail.

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The districts of Singapore

They are home for shops, inhabitants and an extremely exotic environment. Start in Chinatown, actually very clean and tidy compared to other Chinese neighborhoods in the world. Here you will find silk shops, colorful fabrics, technology and oriental food stalls, and a Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman, dedicated to the goddess of the same name.

The Indian Quarter

It is called Little India, the center of the Indian community of Singapore and is one of the liveliest places of the city. The temple Sri Veeramakaliamman is the oldest and most frequented and is dedicated to the goddess Kalì, you can enter and see up close the rites dedicated to this deity.

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Arab district of Singapore

Here you will find the Sultan’s Mosque. The golden dome and the aesthetics of the exterior have nothing to do with the sobriety of the interior of the building. If you can get inside, look at the carpet, which measures a good 4 km and the chandeliers on the wall are reminiscent of the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

When you visit in Singapore enjoy a 100% natural experience by visiting the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore. Over 10 hectares outside the city center. This reserve is popular with hikers and mountain bikers, climbers and nature lovers who want to see Singapore’s typical vegetation up close.

The famous terraces

The famous terraces in Singapore

Treat yourself to an evening on one of the famous terraces of one of the city’s tallest buildings. Have a drink at the Loof, one of Singapore’s first rooftop bars. On Sundays here, you’ll find an underground evening and the place is filled with hipsters who order a martini, the house specialty cocktail that is prepared in countless versions.

Quarke Quai

The perfect neighborhood to spend an evening is Quarke Quai where you can stroll the evening on the street, from club to club. It is located close to the river and boasts an infinity of bars and restaurants that can offer a real tour in the world of flavors.  Restaurants, clubs for after dinner and where you will find concerts and live shows to end a day full of emotions.

Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is the Formula 1 race that has been held every year since 2008, it was the first to be held at night. The circuit was designed by architect Hermann Tilke and runs along a course around Marina Bay. It usually takes place in September.