30 things to do in Ibiza in 2023
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What do we tell you in this post? Nothing but the 30 of the most popular things to do in Ibiza. Keep reading and take notes. Perhaps you don’t know what to see and what to do in Ibiza? Ibiza is associated with nightclubs and nightlife. However, Ibiza is much more. In this article we reveal some of the plans that we think are a must for everyone who visit the island.

We are not revealing anything by telling you that the island is one of the epicenters of nightlife and that it has some of the most cutting-edge nightclubs in the world. Ibiza’s nightlife is avant-garde and its trends are exported to the rest of the world season after season.

Good. But Ibiza has another very different face, that of its practically virgin natural spaces, its beautiful beaches and coves, its romantic sunsets, its bohemian atmosphere, its hippie markets, the beautiful medieval old town of Dalt Vila, its varied and rich gastronomy, and much more….

Ibiza is a dual destination that combines a calm daytime atmosphere and a busy nightlife. So that you can enjoy its days and nights to the fullest, here are some interesting ideas about what to do in Ibiza:

1. Get lost in the streets of Dalt Vila

Streets of Dalt Vila

The old part of the capital is located on top of the Puig de Vila mountain and is fortified by the ancient walls built in the time of Philip II, which made the island one of the best protected in the Mediterranean. Among the narrow streets that run within the walls, there are architectural gems, which are a reflection of the different cultures that have inhabited it, which have earned it the title of World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Therefore, it is one of the neighborhoods that must be seen in Ibiza. His visit is essential to know the origins and identity of the island. The most valuable and outstanding monument is the cathedral of the Virgen de las Nieves, which is located at the highest point of the capital, and stands out as the most prominent figure of its skyline. It was built over a former mosque, and is characterized by its particular architectural style, which combines baroque and gothic.

Its interior holds some treasures such as the Virgen de las Nieves, patron saint of the island, the altarpiece of San Antonio Abad and the museum of the Sacristy. In the old town you can also see the baroque church of Santo Domingo, which stands out for the five side chapels that compose it and because, inside, it keeps some artistic gems such as the Genoese altarpiece and the three red tile domes.

Also interesting is the Town Hall, which occupies a beautiful building that was once a Dominican convent; in fact, still retains the refectory and cloister. Nearby is the Almudaina Castle, which was ordered to be built by Philip II. This Renaissance fortress is one of the best representatives of the defense system of the city. It preserves the five ancient entrance gates to the walled enclosure, the most important being the Ses Taules gate. It is the most beautiful, as its front is punctuated, on one side and the other, with two Roman sculptures and decorated with the crown and the imperial coat of arms.

2. Stroll through the port of Ibiza

Since the Carthaginians founded the capital of Ibiza, the port has enjoyed a great activity. Today, this area located at the end of the avenue Bartolomé Roselló, is one of the liveliest places in the city. All kinds of luxurious boats and yachts dock here, especially during the summer season. In addition, it is the starting point of the boats that make the trip to Formentera.

In the streets that make it up, especially the Avenida de los Andenes, you will find restaurants, bars, stores, craft stalls, nightclubs and traditional stores that give it a great animation and atmosphere. You will also see numerous portrait artists, who draw caricatures of tourists, and the discotheque troupes that act as a lure.

Strolling through these streets is one of the most interesting and recommended things to do in Ibiza. To get into the maritime side of the capital and to know its most bustling soul. Before continuing with this list of things to do and see in Ibiza… Have you already booked your accommodation? If not, hurry up because things get very, very complicated in the middle of summer. Another thing suitable for the summer is to visit on of the best beaches in Italy.

3. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE)

Ibiza is a small island that as such does not have museums of first international level. However, there are some that deserve a visit. Among them is the Museum of Contemporary Art, ideal for those few days when the weather in Ibiza gets cloudy or a little rainy. Located in the old town, it holds the honor of being the third oldest in Spain. It integrates a very extensive pictorial collection centered on the production of local artists, such as Tàpies and Miralles. It even contains the drawings and engravings of the artist Marí Ribas, one of the most renowned draftsmen of the island of Ibiza and Formentera.

As an added attraction, it houses an archaeological ensemble on the second floor, which contains Roman, Phoenician and Punic remains. Therefore, visiting it is one of the plans to do in Ibiza that will allow you to delve into the artistic production of the island.

4. Stroll around La Marina

La Marina Ibiza

This Ibizan neighborhood, which extends from the ancient walls to the port area, represents the purest seafaring essence of the island. In ancient times it was the place where sailors and port workers lived. In recent years, it has become one of the liveliest neighborhoods of the city, as it hosts a myriad of art stores, souvenirs, crafts or fashion, restaurants, bars and trendy locals, which have made it one of the most popular leisure and entertainment areas of the island.

It also has some monumental attractions that are worth a visit such as the church of San Telmo, which was built for the sailors, the obelisk of the corsairs and some of the most important entrance gates to the walls as the Portal de Ses Taules. Another point of interest is the Mercat Vell, which presides over the Plaza de la Constitución, where you can buy all kinds of fresh local produce.

5. Visit the necropolis and museum of Puig des Molins.

Located in Puig des Molins, near the old town, it is one of the largest and most important necropolis in the western Mediterranean; in fact, it is recognized as a World Heritage Site. It served as a burial place for the Phoenician and Punic cultures until the seventh century BC, so it retains numerous remains, being especially prominent the funerary hypogeum and some chambers.

Attached to it is the Puig des Molins museum, which houses an important collection of remains, objects and funerary pieces found in the necropolis. Its visit is one of the things to do in Ibiza to understand the concept of death and forms of burial in antiquity.

6. The boat trip around the island, an essential thing to do in Ibiza.

One of the activities that we can recommend the most if your budget allows it is to go around the island by boat. The way to see and perceive its beaches, its coves, and its coastline in general changes a lot. You will be able to get close to hidden spots, swim and snorkel in the most beautiful spots. Unfortunately, renting a boat for yourself will be very expensive. As an alternative you can join an organized excursion. It is not the same as sailing your own boat but it is also very enjoyable.

7. Enjoy the day and night at Playa d’en Bossa beach

Playa d'en Bossa beach Ibiza

The beach extends next to Ses Figueretes and is the longest beach on the island with more than three kilometers long. It is one of the most popular and lively beaches of Ibiza. Playa d’en Bossa is one of the best places for travelers and locals to enjoy the sea and water sports, especially diving, kayaking, paddle surfing, jet ski routes or catamaran rides.

It is also one of the best areas to enjoy the Ibizan nightlife, as it hosts a multitude of bars, many of them on the beach, discos like Hï Ibiza and Ushuaia, clubs like the famous Bora Bora and beach clubs with their Balinese beds.

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8. Live the ambience of the Dalias Market

The hippie markets are one of the main attractions of Ibiza. So much so that it has several scattered in the various localities that comprise it. If you want to visit one, the most authentic and popular is the one in Las Dalias. It is located in San Carlos, a town that was the epicenter of the hippie movement that has so much importance and influence in the idiosyncrasy of the Ibizans and the atmosphere of the island.

The market has more than 200 stalls of all kinds: crafts, decoration, music, clothing, books, incense, jewelry… You can also find a fusion restaurant, various food and drink stalls, where you can taste all kinds of gastronomy, and even organizes concerts and cultural events. So if you want to shop in an authentic hippie market, include it in your list of things to do in Ibiza.

9. Relax in the tranquility and beauty of Santa Eulalia

This town, located east of the island, is a favorite place for families, couples and all those travelers looking to enjoy the charms of Ibiza in a relaxed way. It is one of the areas that we like the most in Ibiza.

Besides treasuring the only river that runs through the island, which also gives it its name, it has cozy beaches like Mariners, a beautiful promenade, a lively marina, an excellent commercial offer, ideal for those who also want to do some shopping, and a wide range of good restaurants, where you can taste traditional dishes. It also has some interesting tourist attractions such as the church of Our Lady of Jesus, which dominates the top of the Puig de Missa mountain or the nearby market of the Dalias.

10. Descend into the bowels of Ibiza in the cave of Can Marça

Cave of Can Marça

This cave pierces the interior of a cliff located in the town of Port Sant Miquel, north of Ibiza. It is more than 100,000 years old, and its interior is a spectacular natural scenery worthy of a visit. Its galleries are a beautiful succession of stalagmites and stalactites. The visit is seasoned with light, water and sound effects and also offers the opportunity to contemplate a panoramic view of the surroundings from the top of the cliff.

11. Delve into rural and authentic Ibiza in Santa Gertrudis

This small town, which occupies the center of the geography of the island, has become one of the places to see in Ibiza for those who are interested in learning about the local culture and the rural side of the island.

Surrounded by an imposing rugged landscape, it has a typical Mediterranean aesthetic, in which the whitewashed houses decorated with flowers and the traditional peasant houses take center stage, among which its beautiful 17th-century church stands out.

It also has a small but interesting offer of restaurants, fashion stores, antique or art and traditional stores. Undoubtedly, a highly recommended place to enjoy the tranquility and get away from the hustle and bustle of the night in the capital of the island of Ibiza and Formentera.

12. Get to know San Antonio de Portmany

Located west of Ibiza, about 15 km from the capital has a wide range of attractions and things to do in Ibiza, which have made it one of the most visited places in the island. And it is that this old fishing village offers an exceptional scenic setting, as it is located in a beautiful bay that gives it a great beauty. The beaches that bathe it constitute one of its great attractions, being especially outstanding S’Arenal, with a very lively atmosphere; Es Puet, ideal for the practice of marine sports; and Caló des Moro, which is calmer and allows to enjoy incredible sunsets.

The promenade of the town, also known as Sunset Trip, enjoys a great reputation for its atmosphere and animation. Some of the most famous bars of the island are located here, from whose terraces you can contemplate the best sunsets, such as Mambo and Café del Mar, which are the most popular. There are also a good number of macro discos and beach clubs, and from the port of the town depart the boat parties, that is to say, the boats that organize parties on board in the sea. It is a very popular experience to do in Ibiza among the party people.

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13. The Festival of the Drums every Sunday in Cala Benirràs

Reserve Sunday afternoon to go to Cala Benirràs. In the afternoon as the sunset approaches, spontaneous drummers come to play drums and timpani. Like many of the things that happen in Ibiza its origin comes from a spontaneous act of a group of hippies that over time has become a popular tradition.

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14. Swim in Ses Figueretes

Ses Figueretes Ibiza

This beach, of fine sand and pristine waters, stretches 450 meters from Dalt Vila to the part of Viver. It is divided into two sections, separated by several breakwaters and inlets. It is a good beach in the middle of Ibiza town that allows you to enjoy the sun and the sea without leaving it. 

The beach is crossed by a beautiful and very lively promenade, as it is full of restaurants, hotels overlooking the sea, bars, locals, painters and artisans, where you can buy handmade products of the island. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most practical beach options if you have decided to stay in the capital of Ibiza.

15. Shop at the Punta Arabí market, the largest in Ibiza.

It opens its doors since the 70s in Es Canar, in Santa Eulalia del Rio, and is the largest of those taking place on the island. In the more than 400 stalls of this hippie market you can find everything from handicrafts, jewelry and adlib fashion to souvenirs, music and shoes.

In addition to the stalls, there are also those of artists such as caricaturists, musicians or tarot artists, which give it a very bohemian atmosphere. The best way to end the visit, which is not short given the size of the market, is to listen to a live concert in the central tent or enjoy a swim in the nearby Martina cove.

16. Enjoy nature in the Natural Park of Ses Salines

Declared a World Heritage Site for its beauty and great biodiversity, this natural paradise stretches from the south of Ibiza to the island of Formentera. More than two hundred birds fly over its surroundings, many of them migratory, such as flamingos, kestrels and herons, making it a privileged spot for bird watching.

And, to make up for the botany lovers, it is also home to more than a hundred species of plants. It doesn’t end here… the park has beaches of fine white sand and turquoise waters (Es Codolar, Canal de s’Olla, Las Salinas and Es Cavallet), marvelous coves, salt ponds, beautiful defensive towers from the 16th and 17th centuries, wetlands and the strait of Es Freus, which separates Ibiza from Formentera.

It is worth mentioning that it is one of the areas with the highest concentration of oceanic posidonia, thanks to the quality and purity of its waters. Undoubtedly a very special enclave whose visit is one of the indispensable plans to do in Ibiza if you like contact with nature.

17. Taste traditional Ibicencan dishes

Ibizan cuisine has traditionally been based on the products of their fields and the sea, due to the marked isolation it suffered from the rest of the Spanish geography. As a consequence, the most typical dishes of its recipe book are very simple, many of them are the result of the “kitchen of use”, but with a marked identity and unquestionably rich.

Thus, the most typical of its gastronomy are the rice of slaughter, sobrasada, fried octopus, bullit de peix, a dish of seafaring heritage, and sofrito payés, which includes lamb, chicken and potatoes. Desserts include flaó, a dessert made with fresh cow and sheep cheese, orelletes or ears and greixonera, a kind of pudding.

18. Have a glass of Herbes

Herbes is a typical liqueur from Ibiza made from different herbs and with some aniseed that has been made for more than 200 years. You can drink it at any time but it is very typical to drink it after eating or at coffee time. It is a very popular drink in all the Balearic Islands. For example, in our house we never miss a bottle of Herbes. If you visit the island and want to try one of the things to do in Ibiza, at least try not to miss this liqueur.

19. Swim in Ses Salines, one of the most beautiful beaches

Immersed in the heart of the Natural Park of Ses Salines is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled of all those that dot the coast of Ibiza, which makes it one of the busiest. It is covered with fine white sand and turquoise waters reminiscent of the Caribbean.

But it is also surrounded by a beautiful landscape, in which local plant species, such as junipers, take center stage. Therefore, if you want to spend a fantastic day sunbathing on one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, include it in the list of things to see in Ibiza.

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20. Experience the Ibizan nightlife


From the month of May until the end of the summer, Ibiza becomes one of the world’s great centers of partying and nightlife. Enjoying the endless Ibizan nights is for thousands of national and foreign travelers and numerous celebrities an unavoidable plan to do in Ibiza, and sometimes the main reason to visit the island.

Its many renowned nightclubs offer shows that are hard to match, enlivened by the best DJ’s in the world. Going out to party in Ibiza is more than just going to a discotheque… If you are into first class clubbing, the experience of the best parties in Ibiza is worth every euro you pay (unfortunately they are not cheap at all). The list of nightclubs is extensive, although the best known are Pacha, which has five rooms with different atmosphere and music; Amnesia, which has won three times the award for the best nightclub in the world; and Privilege, the largest nightclub in the world.

21. The Flower Power

Every night of the week you are going to find a great competition between discotheques to attract clientele. When choosing which discotheque to go to, it is worth looking at what theme parties there are for each specific day. Some of them have a great tradition and it is worth your while to choose them.

If we had to choose one, without a doubt it would be Pacha’s Flower Power. It is based on the hippy atmosphere and you can experience the music and magic of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with shows that will make you have a fantastic night.

22. Enjoy the Mediterranean in solitude in the Olivera cove.

It does not enjoy as much popularity as others, because the tourist guides do not promote it as much as others. In addition, you have to pass a security check to access, which scares many people away (although in the middle of summer it doesn’t matter… there are people in every corner of the island).

However, this small cove, located inside the urbanization Roca Llisa, is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and quiet you can see in Ibiza. It is inserted in a bay surrounded by diverse vegetation and pine trees, which protect it and give it intimacy, and is bathed by transparent waters, which make it one of the treasures of the island.

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23. Enjoy the views from the tower of Savinar

To get to this tower you have to take the road leading to Cala d’Hort and, about a kilometer before, turn off on a road that emerges on the left. Once there, you will find this watchtower, also known as the Pirate’s Tower, which rises on a dizzying cliff.

From the top, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the sea, the surroundings of the Natural Reserve of Cala d’ Hort and the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell.

24. Immerse yourself in the marine world at the aquarium Es Cap Blanc

Aquarium Es Cap Blanc

The aquarium Es Cap Blanc is a highly recommended visit to do in Ibiza with children. Some years ago, this sea cave, located in the town of Sant Antoni, was a breeding and conservation site for lobsters and a refuge for monk seals. 

Today, it has been converted into an aquarium and is also the headquarters of the Center for the Recovery of Marine Species, so it is possible to see all the marine species that inhabit the seabed: sea turtles, rays, groupers…

25. Kayak + snorkel combo

One of the plans that you will enjoy if you have a minimum of fitness is to rent a kayak and explore part of the coast of Ibiza stopping in the coves that are difficult to access by land. Combined with snorkeling is a brutal combo to enjoy an active day.

In addition to renting the kayak on your own you can always resort to an organized excursion that includes the kayak and snorkeling equipment.

26. Get to know San Carlos de Peralta

This small town, which occupies the northeast of the island, is an excellent option to enjoy the tranquility and get away from the hustle and bustle of the island’s capital and tourist areas. With a marked hippy atmosphere since the 60’s, where many of them still live, it preserves the rural way of life and the essence of yesteryear.

Strolling through its streets is the main attraction of this town, as it involves immersing yourself in the most rural and traditional Ibiza. In them you will find a small white church, some stores, especially of traditional liquors, as well as some bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy the local flavors at a good price.

27. Discover the Stonehenge of Ibiza

About eight kilometers from the town of Sant Josep and a few meters from the Llentia cove, is this amazing outdoor monument. The official name of this work created by Australian artist Andrew Rogers is Time and Space, but it is known as Stonehenge Ibiza. The reason is that, like the English cromlech, it is formed by a dozen basalt dolmens, which embrace another of greater altitude located in the center, which is crowned with a gold leaf panel.

Although it seems to have been built without a license, it is a great attraction for many travelers, who also try to find out the meaning of the engravings on the dolmens and the complex itself. Although it is not known with certainty, some theories maintain that the dimensions of the columns are the result of applying the Fibonacci sequence, that is to say, each number is the sum of the two previous ones, always starting from zero.

As for the arrangement of the columns in a circle, it is believed that it symbolizes the alignment of the planets around the sun. Be that as it may, the truth is that it is worth including this mysterious construction in the list of things to see in Ibiza.

28. Discover the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta

This Phoenician-era site is located between the beaches of Es Bol Nou and Sa Caleta, and is a must for archaeology lovers and those who want to delve into the origins of the island.

It was built in the eighth century BC and preserves some structures such as the old bread oven and the remains of some metallurgical furnaces. In addition, you can get a glimpse of the layout of the streets and squares during that period.

29. Contemplate a spectacular sunset from Caló des Moro

This small cove is located at the end of the promenade of the town of Sant Antoni, outside the bay. Although it is an excellent place to enjoy its crystal clear waters, the truth is that most people go there to watch the sunset, either from some of the bars with terraces in the area or on the beach.

30. Take a trip to Formentera

Formentera is very close to Ibiza, and can be reached by boat in about half an hour. It is well worth a visit, as it is one of the best islands in the Mediterranean, with natural areas such as the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

Also it is an exceptional enclave for bird watching and the practice of active tourism activities such as hiking or cycling. It also treasures incredible beaches such as Migjorn, Ses Illetes or Es Pujols, where you can enjoy a swim or its rich seabed covered with posidonia that give its waters that characteristic turquoise color so vivid. The popular hippy markets, being specially outstanding the one in La Mola, and its beautiful villages like Sant Francesc Xavier or La Savina complete its list of attractions.