20 Travel Tips And Advice For Solo Traveling
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Solo travel in nature

Traveling solo is exquisite. Tough, trying, and laborious. Yet, it is splendid. If you ever have the possibility to head off and discover a part of the sector by yourself, I’d without a doubt endorse it.

I’ve been to Tanzania, India, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, Australia, NZ, Europe, and on a few journeys inside the UK, too. I love traveling on my own; it’s the most open way to look at the arena of life and create yourself.

When you get over the fear of traveling by yourself, serendipity comes into play. In your hometown, you probably want to socialize and talk to strangers. However, you never do because you have already got a pal to speak to. And when that stranger talks to you and your friend, you would not bother to build that friendship.

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By traveling alone, you can find out how rewarding it is and how social you become.

Although fun and socializing are on the table, safety should be, too. Your probably most concern is meeting a reliable company and going to a safe destination. This article safe travel USA SD should do the trick when solo traveling to the United States. However, there has to be some general travel tips for traveling alone and ensure your own safety. Thus, I prepared you with some tricks that could help you on your next solo journey.

Tips For Solo Travel:

With no one to make the plans for you, or to speak to, take the opportunity to permit into an area and see what it got. Do not be afraid to wander around the city alone and appreciate its most pleasant attraction.

You can only rely upon yourself, so on occasion, you may need to psyche yourself as much as possible. Nothing wrong with talking to yourself. In fact, it is healthy. You may as well need some expert advice. Do you see what I did there? Have self-belief.

Traveling solo guidelines:

Most travelers and locals are simply seeking out a pal, too. Don’t be scared to reach out. You can use Travello or Travel Pal to meet other travelers. You could also try out Party with A Local App, so you meet locals and learn more about their culture and traditions

You should be also open to new things and new possibilities. Being open-minded and trying new things can be rewarding. You may as well go back home with an amazing story to tell. I do not why it should not be something you never experience before.

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Be careful and stay cautious, though.

Trust your instinct. Sometimes, you might need to be impolite.  When you meet someone you do not feel safe with or feel uncomfortable around, just say no. In this case, I would walk away.

Look after your cellphone whilst traveling:

Your telephone and your right backpacking camera are your best friends. Here is what I mean. Your phone can be there for you through thick and thin. It could get you out of unpleasant situations and could save your life.

Keep your phone charged and get a portable charger. Your phone should be on at all times.

Phone communication should be accessible.

What if you have no signal to call and communicate during an emergency? Well, we got you covered with this list of apps.

Whether you are lost in the forest or during a storm, those apps can help you out.

– The Serval Mesh (Android only): it is free of use app and made to ensure your safety.  It is made by the Serval Mesh Project.

You can call and communicate with anybody even if there is no cellular signal and wifi. This incredible app can even work during disasters and storms.

 – ZombieChat (iPhone Only): it is an alternative to The Serval Mesh for iPhones. It can work even without a phone signal and wifi.

– FireChat (Android and iPhone): it is a chat phone app that can help you communicate with people in your group. You do not need wifi and phone signals. You can also share some pictures and current location.

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Your phone can help you find your way back home.

  • You should download the location of your destinations in google map. if you lose the signal or wifi, you can still access your destination.
  • RedZone app (android and iPhone): it is another great app. The Redzone app can help you find the safest route to your destination.

If you feel lonely or bored, e-book onto an excursion. Instant friends assured. You could also bring a hard copy of your favorite book as an alternative.

You can use your phone for translation when needed. Many people rely on google translate. However, it is not accurate and there are better alternatives.

  • Say Hi: it is an app that can turn your speech into a text in both languages. It means, it will turn whatever language you are speaking into a written form and also translate it to the language of your choosing.
  • TextGraber: this app translates any written text into the language you please. Whether it is a food menu, a street sign, a paper, or aboard, this app can help you understand it.
  • Microsoft Translator: it offers both options in TextGravber and SayHi combined.

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Always let someone back home realize wherein you are. I used a Google Sheet that I share with my dad and kept it updated with my accommodation names and location.

You can also use any other free form of communication, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line…etc.

Other Important Solo Travel Tips:

Avoid drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. When you are wasted and drinking too much, it is easy to take advantage of you. Therefore, you should not drink a lot or not at all. It can wait.

The satisfactory manner to make buddies is to find a social hostel rather than a hotel. In my experience, hostels are the safest option. You will be around other travelers, which is safer than being alone in a hotel.

Note: bring some lock with you. Hostels offer lockers to put your important stuff. However, they do not give locks and keys. It is all on you. It is ok to lie sometimes for your safety.

Do not reveal that you are traveling alone with a stranger and show that you know the place. For instance, when you are in a taxi cap, some caps will take a longer route and extra charge you. But if they think you are a resident who lived here for a while, this less likely to happen.

You can also state that you are heading to meet a friend or group of friends. If they think you are not alone, they are less likely to miss around with you.

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When talking about yourself to a stranger, keep it simple and mysterious. Avoid talking about personal and sensitive subjects.

Keep in mind, not everyone cares about you, but some care about what valuables you have.

  • Only introduce yourself with your first name.
  • Do not mention where you are going.
  • Do not talk about your salary or money.

Do not be a show-off

Do not wear fancy clothes and dress like a local. Wearing an expensive watch and other valuables can make you at risk of burglary. The best way to keep yourself safe from theft is not giving others a reason to do it.

Avoid being distracted.

Don’t listen to music or any other audibles, and walking while looking at your phone. You can be an easier target. If it is not important, then it can wait. But if you need to, you can stop somewhere and do it.

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Make a budget plan:

Avoid spending money on things that do not serve you and keep money on the side. You never know, you might need them.

You should also plan your expenses for lodging, meals and transportation. These are the biggest money eaters when traveling. If you work remotely while traveling, you can earn money almost anywhere in the world.

Take a tour guide around the city. It is not only more enjoyable less lonesome than going alone, but it is also safer. You can get to know the neighborhood and find places that are safer to go on your own. You never know, you might make a friend along the way.

Transportation Tips:

You should use a cheap and safe form of transportation when going solo. It might be good to catch the train or the bus for your next destination. However, if you can use Lyft and Uber because safety should come first.

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Both apps offer a service where you can share a ride with passengers that are heading in the same direction. Trust me, your bank account will thank you for it. Although it might be scary to travel alone for the first time. However, it is not as scary as it seems. In fact, it can be safe and rewarding. Those lists of the top 20 tips and advice for traveling alone can help you in your adventurous journey. You do not need to stress finding a pal to travel with you because you know you can ride solo when you need to.