Who we are?

We are avid and curious travelers, we are explorers from distant worlds, we are the story of an adventure that will never be forgotten. And then, of course, we are also tourists. We get screwed on the price of the taxi ride, we buy ridiculous souvenirs at exorbitant prices and we burn ourselves in the sun two minutes after landing our plane. We are Steven and Rebecca, and this is our Travel Magazine!

Traveling is an extraordinary experience that can be faced in a thousand different ways. Everyone is free to undertake his journey in the manner most suited to his person. The important thing is to always be open to new experiences, respect the places and peoples you are guests of and above all have fun!

This is why we do not exclude any possibility here on travelermagazine.net: art, culture, nature, gastronomy, exotic beaches … there is always a good reason to pack up and leave. So why not share our experiences as much as possible and, maybe, start again with some new ideas?

Our travel blog

TravelerMagazine was born in 2018 from our desire to share our passion for travel with as many people as possible.

On the site you will find information of all kinds and for any destination. All our bloggers share our enthusiasm and are ready to make their experiences, opinions and even their advice available.

There is always a good reason to pack, and with Traveler Magazine we hope you find even more!

Guest Bloggers

Every day we receive numerous requests from fellow travelers eager to share their advice and experiences with travelermagazine.net readers. They are our Guest Bloggers, who with commitment and generosity have made this site an exceptional meeting point for the curious and the passionate.

Travel stories, tips, comments … the topics covered are many and are enriched every day with new ideas and new contributions.
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