The best time to visit Cyprus in 2023
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When to go to Cyprus? You have chosen this island as a destination for your next trip, but you do not know what is the best time to visit Cyprus and its temperatures? Then this article is for you! In fact, by informing you about the climate of Cyprus, temperatures, its festivities and seasons, we will discover together the recommended periods for visiting this beautiful island. Finally, we will advise you on the best trips for each season and give you advice based on the questions of our travelers.

The climate of Cyprus

To begin to understand the best time to visit Cyprus it is essential to find out about the climate of the island. In fact, the temperatures in Cyprus are typically Mediterranean and have small differences between the interior and the coast. So, let’s go and see together the climate of Cyprus.

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Mediterranean climate

Cyprus beach

The climate of Cyprus has long hot and dry summers. Winters are mild and not very rainy, and snowfalls often occur in the Troodos Mountains.

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The best time to visit Cyprus?

In fact, it is difficult to say when is the best time to visit Cyprus. In fact, the island can be visited all year round thanks to its climate, perfect in any season. If you plan to take a beach vacation, the summer is the season for you. While if you want to make a cultural journey to discover the archaeological and cultural treasures of the island spring and autumn are the ideal seasons. Finally, winter also allows you to visit the country, thanks to its temperatures mitigated by the Mediterranean.

In general then, the recommended trip to Cyprus is the Grand Tour Cyprus, as it is guaranteed from April to October and will make you discover all the most beautiful attractions of the island.

However, below we will go to see each season listing any holidays and events and recommend the best trips to Cyprus.

Winter in Cyprus

Visit Cyprus in winter

Winter in Cyprus is the coldest season of the year, but still allows you to visit the main attractions of the country. In fact, the climate is mild, and average temperatures along the coast are around 10-12 degrees. However, winter is not the best season to visit Cyprus and to enjoy the beautiful colors of the sea and the light that emanates on the island. If you are passionate about skiing, you can go to the slopes of the Troodos Mountains in this season. In fact, at these altitudes, it snows a lot in winter and Cyprus has become over the years a popular ski destination. During the winter the weather is very humid, so if you are a cigar aficionado you will need the best travel humidor to keep your cigars fresh and in a perfect condition.

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Spring in Cyprus

Visit Cyprus in spring

If you are interested in visiting the main archaeological sites of Cyprus such as Paphos and Salamina, spring is undoubtedly the most suitable season. In April and May the warm but breezy climate of the island will allow you to visit all the main attractions of the country in peace. In addition, this is a great time to visit Cyprus, generally warmer and less windy than the Greek portion. In spring in Cyprus temperatures range between 15 and 20 degrees with a low probability of precipitation. Finally, going to Cyprus during the kalo pascha, the Orthodox Easter, is a great way to learn about the ancient traditions of the island.

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Summer in Cyprus

Visit Cyprus in summer

If you are planning a vacation of sea and relaxation, then summer is definitely the best time to visit Cyprus . The summer season in Cyprus runs from June to the end of September and is very hot but cooled by the Meltemi, the wind blowing over Cyprus, Greece and Turkey making their coasts very pleasant. The sea water is warm and the sun is a constant, so much so that there is almost no precipitation. So a vacation in Agia Napa, Limassol or the Blue Lagoon in summer is definitely a good choice. If you are planning to go trekking in the Cypriot mountains, summer is definitely a good time. As for the inland plains and in particular the capital Nicosia, consider that summer is a very hot period and also the inhabitants of the city tend to head to the coast in search of the cool Mediterranean breeze.

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Autumn in Cyprus

Visit Cyprus in autumn

Finally, autumn is together with spring the best time to visit Cyprus and its historical and cultural beauties, thanks to the favorable temperatures. From mid-September, temperatures start to drop and even visits to inland locations become more feasible. In October, there may be some small passenger downpours and temperatures remain stable around 15-20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if you plan to visit places like Kyrenia or Famagusta, autumn is the season for you.

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