What is the best time to visit Norway?
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Stavanger in Norway

The best time to visit Norway is from May to September. In May, with the arrival of spring, the country changes its face: the days get longer and the flowers bloom. Between June and August the weather is more variable: it can be beautiful and warm as cool and rainy. In May and September, the weather is quite mild and the sky is clear.

Choose this period unless you want to go skiing at all costs or visit Lapland. In fact, from October to April, the cold is so pungent that several sites are closed to the public. Also take into account that there are climatic differences between the different regions of Norway: the South, for example, does not have excessively cold temperatures so you can go there all year round. Discover the fjords, countless dream islands and northern lights in this unusual country.

Best time to visit Norway in summer

From June to August.

This is the best time to take a trip to Norway. If you have the possibility to leave in summer, you can venture all over the country and visit all the best cities in Norway. The days are longer and the temperatures are more pleasant.

For the activities on offer, among the many excursions, visiting the fjords and observing the local fauna, you will be spoiled for choice!

Best time to visit Norway in winter

From December to February.

Theoretically in winter you can not visit any region of Norway. However, Lapland, Oslo and the South of the country can still be visited during this period. Christmas markets, skiing, snowmobiles, sleigh dogs and northern lights are waiting for you there! Not bad, no?

What is the ideal time to visit Oslo, the South of Norway or Lapland?

You can visit these regions all year round depending on the activities and things you prefer to do in Norway.

You will discover all the things to do in Oslo with its excellent cafes, bars and restaurants and an equally vibrant cultural life. The city is surrounded in every part by spectacular nature: forests, hills and lakes of a thousand colors where you can go hiking, biking, skiing or boating before leaving to discover the typical villages. Here the average temperature is quite pleasant and is around 16 degrees. In winter, temperatures reach 0 degrees even if the city gets hot! You can therefore leave for the South of Norway all year round as the spring flowers have nothing to envy at the winter Christmas markets.

The counties of Troms and Finmark are covered with ice, but it’s really worth a trip…by sleigh! You will have understood that, you leave in winter, even if it is very cold, to go on the snowmobile or on the sleigh pulled by dogs. At the cost of freezing, it’s worth it because we are in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And Lapland is without a doubt: in winter a blue light envelops the expanses of snow and here you can admire a spectacle known throughout the world … the famous Northern Lights. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from visiting Lapland in summer.

What is the ideal time to visit the west coast and the center of Norway?

From May to September.

Discover the West Fjords… Take the ferry to enjoy breathtaking views between the coasts and go for a hike on one of the glaciers in the region. A region to visit, it is obvious, to take a big breath of fresh air, although here you can still visit the pretty town of Alesund. If you plan to visit this beautiful region in the summer, you can attend some of the best the music festivals that take place in July and August. Also worth visiting is the famous city of Bergen with its majestic architecture, ports and hills.

The center of Norway offers tourists national parks and large massifs. If you don’t like the cold, leave in summer and keep busy with hiking and rafting. The Jotunheimen National Park is a favorite destination for hiking enthusiasts. In the parks you can see the wild reindeer, elk and musk ox. In the villages you can admire the wooden churches that will continue to catch your eye even when you leave…you might even come across a wild animal from the area!

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What is the best time to visit the Svalbard archipelago in Norway?

From March to September.

The Svalbard archipelago is a dream place: endless expanses of snow, glaciers, polar night and midnight sun… Welcome (almost) to the North Pole! You better know: you will see more polar bears than humans, but the show really deserves it. You can visit the archipelago by boat or hiking on the glaciers or by husky sleigh. You can leave in summer, in the middle of winter during the festivities or around March or April welcoming the return of the light.

What is the ideal time to go hiking in Norway?

From June to September.

Norway is the perfect place for hikers. The Jotunheimen National Park is one of the most famous with its glacier trails. The Rondane National Park is ideal for those who want some peace away from the hordes of tourists, you can also cross reindeer at the Hardangervidda National Park. Hiking enthusiasts should opt to visit Norway in summer: not only is it less cold, but many trails and huts only open between late June and early July. Before that, many trails are impassable.

And the best time to visit the Norwegian fjords?

From May to September.

The fjords are the emblem of Norway and you will surely be fascinated by them. The Geirangerfjord is often invaded by curious travelers, but it deserves just as much as the Naeroyfjord, the fjord region on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Don’t even miss a visit to the enchanting Lofoten Islands, of course. Visit also the most hidden farms in the country, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Choose to leave in the summer months so that it is not too cold and you can find the sites open. Don’t miss Lysefjord and Magdalenafjord either.

The perfect time to observe Norwegian wildlife?

From May to September.

Norway is a paradise for those who love to observe wildlife. Here you can see not only reindeer but also musk ox and moose. In the north, in Svalbard, you will see the famous polar bear but also arctic foxes and birds. In Sto, you can watch whales and seals with a bit of luck. For bird lovers, there are several species in Femundsmarka Park and Gjesvaer. Choose to leave in the summer to be sure to see as many animals as possible… apart from Svalbar, of course, where you can admire the typical animals of the North Pole all year round!

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